MI6 rounds up the latest on the shipping dates for "Everything or Nothing"...

Everything Or Nothing Dates
10th February 2004

Another month, another delay for Bond's latest adventure "Everything or Nothing".

The European release has been slumped back another 7 days, with a target shipping date now delayed until February 27th 2004.

On the 12th January 2004 EA confirmed the game will slip it's planned release in the USA, by the same 7 days. North American gamers will now have to wait until February 17th 2003. Japanese and Australian releases are unaffected by this latest delay.

Shipping Dates

USA: February 17th 2004
UK & Europe: February 27th 2004
Japan: February 11th 2004
Australia: February 23rd 2004

Right: The Game Boy Advance cover art for "Everything or Nothing"


Back on Friday 18th September 2003, Electronic Arts confirmed to MI6 that the planned November release for "Everything or Nothing" for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube would slip back until Q1 2004 (January - March).

Although the game was said to be close to completion for the main consoles, the release of the title was pushed back to give "more time for extra new features and further exciting developments" in Bond gaming.

The Game Boy Advance version of "Everything or Nothing", which has a parallel storyline to the main console versions, hit shelves in the USA on November 21st 2003. UK and Europe Bond gamers had to wait a couple of weeks until December 5th 2003 for their slice of handheld 007 action.

Official Nintendo UK Blurb

"James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing"
Electronic Arts - 20th February 2004
The safety of the world rests in the hands of the world's greatest secret agent - you. Pierce Brosnan stars as Bond alongside a stellar cast of Shannon Elizabeth as Serena St. Germaine, Heidi Klum as Dr. Katya Nadanova, and Mya as Agent Starling. Employ the latest Q gadgets, drive Bond's Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, and fight villains with a new hand-to-hand combat system as you cover four continents on a journey to save the world.

Above & Below (clockwise): Cover art for Playstation 2, Xbox and Game Cube versions of "Everything or Nothing".


February 27th 2004 will see the release of "Everything or Nothing" on the PS2, Game Cube and Xbox platforms in the UK and Europe. Nintendo UK officially confirmed in a press release (dated 17th December 2003) that the game will ship for their Gamecube platform on February 20th 2004. This date has since been delayed 7 days by EA.

EA.com amended the official US & Canada release date to be February 17th 2004 (originally announced as February 10th 204) for the the PS2, Game Cube and Xbox platform.

Japanese gamers can expect to see 007 in their shops first, on February 11th 2004 for PS2 and GameCube (no word of an Xbox release yet, maybe due to the unpopularity of the console in Japan). Australian Bond fans will have to wait until last - EoN goes down under on February 23rd 2004.

As with any game, all release dates are subject to further slippage. MI6 will keep you updated of any changes.

"Everything or Nothing" is now available to pre-order, with amazing savings of up to 25% off the recommended retail price.

Sony Playstation 2
UK - MI6 Price: £29.99
USA - MI6 Price: $49.99
Japan - MI6 Price: 5,780

Microsoft Xbox
UK - MI6 Price: £29.99
USA - MI6 Price: $49.99

Nintendo Game Cube
UK - MI6 Price: £29.99
USA - MI6 Price: $49.99

Nintendo Game Boy Advance - Available Now!
UK - MI6 Price: £24.99
USA - MI6 Price: $29.99

Images courtesy Electronic Arts and Amazon Associates.

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