MI6 previews the forthcoming game "GoldenEye Rogue Agent - Undercover" by taking a look at the multiplayer modes and weapons...

GoldenEye Rogue Agent - October Preview
26th October 2004

Mention `GoldenEye` and `game` in the same sentence and everyone should know what to expect - quite possibly the best FPS ever made for a console. EA certainly know how to raise expectations, but can they rise to the mammoth challenge that is GoldenEye: Rogue Agent?

As the mid-November release draws ever closer and the final bugs are being squashed, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent has progressed significantly in the short period since our first taster back in May - but is the golden icing on the cake? With multiplayer modes and crucial eye powers yet to be seen in action have EA got the promised product in the box?

Rogue Agent is looking more polished than the pre-alpha version we played back in August - particle effects now have oomph and weapons have a meatier look. In addition to graphical enhancements, the full scale of deathtraps available both in single and multiplayer has become more apparent.

Sharks, spikes, trap doors, fire pits, electrocution - EA have just about squeezed in every single evil means of death possible and you'll be able to share the carnage online amongst your friends with Xbox and PS2. Though if you don't fancy that idea and want some head-to-head action, deathtraps can be turned off in the options menu.

Above: Split screen mayhem in Scaramanga's Funhouse.

Also available in multiplayer are dimmed down versions of your golden eye's powers that you can use to stun enemies, see players through walls or trigger death traps from a distance. Because you can play as a range of characters from the single player, one can only assume that Scaramanga has been busy replacing the eyes of our beloved Bond villains with new, synthetic, golden ones. You've heard of Oddjob's hat? It isn't half as powerful as Oddjob's new eye.

Above: The Bath-house is a new multiplayer location, inspired by GoldenEye.


The game's arsenal has been beefed up with 16 weapons available in the single and multiplayer, some of which are totally original and suit the futuristic setting of the game. While these futuristic weapons may add to the originality of the game, it won't be long before you are craving a KF7 Soviet or RC-P90 that you may have expected to return in a `GoldenEye` game.

You can only carry 2 extra weapons at once, or one if it's a big brute - strangely sharing more with recent FPS titles than the 1997 classic. If it's firepower you're after, dual wielding and big weapons like the rocket launcher, minigun or OMEN experimental rifle will satisfy your thirst.

The idea is to mix and match weapons - for example the poison injector gun will slow an enemy down giving you plenty of time to frag, or the MRI vision can be used with the railgun to pick off your foes through walls. Unless the weapons and maps are well balanced you'll probably find yourself up against the vaporizing OMEN rifle with a feeble poison injector - but time will tell. Not all is lost from the original, You Only Live Twice and The Man with the Golden Gun modifiers will return, and 'updated' versions of the original multiplayer maps are promised.

Above: New shots from the single player campaign.
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A crucial piece of any multiplayer mode are the maps. EA have resurrected some of the classic movie locations like Scaramanga's Funhouse from "The Man With The Golden Gun", Carver's printing press from "Tomorrow Never Dies", the Golden Gate Bridge from "A View To A Kill" and the pyramids from "The Spy Who Loved Me". Several other original maps based on the game will appear such as the "Midas Showdown" and "GoldenEye's Retreat" which is modelled after the many ski lodges that Bond has visited throughout the years.

One can only be disappointed that after several years of requests from fans, that these locations have finally appeared but in a game which you do not get to play as Bond. While it's not going to bother the majority of fans, it's enough to make you wonder what it would be like to re-enact the classic sequences from the movies as James Bond himself.

Multiplayer modes will include a standard deathmatch, domination (where your team must battle for possession of control points around the map), and tug-of-war (where you'll be moving a bomb from one end of the map to the other). While the multiplayer may not be overflowing with hundreds of customisable modes, it does offer some fresh air for players tired of the same old Capture The Flag.


Above: Don't look down - it's the Golden Gate Bridge from "A View To A Kill".

  Stay tuned to MI6 for further intel reports on "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent", due out in stores November 2004.

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