The vast array of Q-Branch weapons and gadgets not enough for you? MI6 is here to assist a struggling agent in the field with a comprehensive cheats briefing for both PC and console versions...

NightFire Cheats
14th December 2002

PC Version

Right click on the desktop icon for the game and select "Properties" from the pop-up menu. Change the "target" to the following:
"C:\Program Files\EA Games\Nightfire\Bond.exe" +SV_Cheats 1 +Console 1

This will enable the in-game console and you can enter the cheat codes (the text in the blue font) at any time whilst playing by hitting the ~ key.

General Codes

god - Invincibility.
noclip - Turns clipping off, so that you can walk through walls.
notarget - Makes you totally invisible to your enemy.
/kill - Kill yourself.
/+speed - Slow your character down.
/-speed - Bring your character back up to normal speed.
/CAM_ToThirdPerson - Force the camera in to third person mode.
/CAM_ToFirstPerson - Rests the camera back to first person mode.

Level Select

To select any level from the game, simply type "map" followed by a space and then the level code name (listed below). For example:
map m3_japan02 - Jumps to the second phase of the Japanese mission.

Mission code names:
m1_austria01, m1_austria02, m1_austria03, m1_austria04, m2_airfeild01, m3_japan01, m3_japan02, m3_japan03, m3_japan04, m4_infiltrate01, m4_infiltrate02, m4_infiltrate03, m4_infiltrate04, m4_infiltrate05, m4_infiltrate06, m4_infiltrate07, m5_power01, m5_power02, m6_escape01, m6_escape02, m6_escape03, m6_escape04, m6_escape05, m6_escape06, m6_escape07, m7_island01, m7_island02, m7_island03, m7_island04, m7_island05, m7_island06, m8_missile01, m8_missile02, m8_missile03, m8_missile04, m9_space01

Weapon Select

To select any weapon from the game, type "give weapon_" followed by the weapon code name (listed below). For example:
give weapon_rocketlauncher - Arms you with the rocket launcher.

Weapon code names:
bondmine, commando, flash_grenade, fraggrenade, frinesi, grapple, grenadelauncher, kowloon, laser, lighter, minigun, mp9, mp9_silenced, pda, pdw90, pen, pp9, raptor, rocketlauncher, ronin, smokegrenade, taser, up11, watch, qworm, l96a1

Unlock All Levels In Main Menus

Edit the desktop shortcut to NightFire again and change the "target" property to:
"C:\Program Files\EA Games\Nightfire\Bond.exe" +sv_iamdone 1"

Console Version

Entering cheats in the PS2, XBox and GameCube version is even easier. Simply enter the cheat code in the "Secret Unlocks" screen in your "Codename" profile.

Level Select

PASSPORT - Unlocks all levels.
MELTDOWN - Unlocks Chain Reaction.
BLASTOFF - Unlocks Countdown.
AQUA - Unlocks Deep Descent.
VACUUM - Unlocks Equinox.
FLAME - Unlocks Phoenix Fire.

Weapons & Q-Branch Upgrades

Q LAB - Upgrade all gadgets.
MAGAZINE - Increase sniper rifle clip size.
LAUNCH - Unlock the golden P2K.
SLEEPY - Upgrade the tranquilliser magazine size.


TARGET - Converts the medal on the current level to Platinum status

Extra Goodies

Drive a Shelby Cobra - Start the Enemies Vanquished level. Press Start to pause game play, then hold L and press Right(2), Left(2), Up, then release L. You can now use the Shelby Cobra from the Paris Prelude level in the race through the Alps.

Bonus race - Start the Enemies Vanquished level. Press Start to pause game play, then hold L and press B(2), X(2), A, then release L to unlock a bonus race.

Multiplayer Level Unlocks

SCOPE - Unlock Assassination mode.
TNT - Unlock Demolition mode.
ORBIT - Unlock GoldenEye Strike mode.
GUARDIAN - Unlock Protect mode.
TEAMWORK - Unlock Team King Of The Hill mode.
TRANSMIT - Unlock Uplink mode.
BOOM - Unlock Explosive Scenery option.

Multiplayer Character Unlocks

PARTY - Unlock all characters (remember that MI6 Allies can not fight each other).
VOODOO - Unlock Baron Samedi.
BLACKTIE - Unlock Bond Tuxedo.
NUCLEAR - Unlock Christmas Jones.
NUMBER 1 - Unlock Drake.
MIDAS - Unlock Goldfinger.
DENTAL - Unlock Jaws.
BLIMP - Unlock Max Zorin.
PHOTON - Unlock May Day.
BOWLER - Unlock Oddjob.
CIRCUS - Unlock Pussy Galore.
ASSASSIN - Unlock Scaramanga.
JANUS - Unlock Xenia Onatopp

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