EA officially announced today that the latest James Bond game "NightFire" - which was released on PC, PS2, Gamecube and Xbox in November 2002 - will soon be coming to a Gameboy Advance near you...

Gameboy Advance NightFire
23rd January 2003

After a huge success on the PC, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox, Electronic Arts today officially announced that "NightFire" will be coming to the Gameboy Advance in March 2003.

Right: The Nintendo Gameboy Advance handheld console which retails for around £70.


This first-person shooter is being developed by JV Games and according to EA will take players on an all-new adventure - you get to visit locations all over the world including the Austrian Alps, a Japanese skyscraper, an island in the South Pacific, and a zero-gravity space station.

Left & Below: Actual screenshots from the new GBA version of "NightFire".

Sound familiar? The GBA version of NightFire is a simplified respin of the game released on the PC and next-generation consoles in November 2002.

The games' characters and key locations will remain the same, but the level design and missions will be tweaked to fit within the limited capabilities of the handheld console.


As with the other versions of the game, Pierce Brosnan's image will be used for the James Bond character in the game.

Although due to the GBA's tiny resolution of 240x1650 pixels, you will probably need Q-Branch spectacles to be able to notice.