Apple Mac users will finally get to experience some quality Bond gaming in September this year as Aspyr are currently porting "NightFire" to the platform...

NightFire - Apple Mac Preview
3rd July 2003

Aspyr are bringing EA's James Bond 007 "NightFire" to the Apple Mac. The game was released back in November 2002 on the Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox, and later the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

The game is currently at `First Playable` development status. The conversion is being handled by TransGaming, with a release date scheduled for September 2003.

NightFire features an original single player storyline borrowing from the 007 legacy that spans 40 years. As Bond, players operate in the snow capped Austrian Alps and outer space as well as underwater in the depths of the South Pacific to defeat the evil criminal mastermind Rafael Drake who is secretly bent on world domination.

Features Include

Online Battles with up to 32 people and challenging Al enemies in more than 15 exotic locations deliver the most challenging multiplayer action ever.

9-Action-packed, single player missions, filled with beautiful women and treacherous enemies, demand your immediate attention and utmost skill.

Special gadgets including Q-specs for infrared, night, and x-ray visibility,the Phoenix suitcase turret gun, and the Laser watch.


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Preliminary System Requirements

Mac OS X, version 10.2 or later
Power Mac G3/G4, iMac G4/eMac, PowerBook G4 (DVI model or better), iBook (32MB VRAM model only)
Processor speed 500 MHz or faster
256 MB RAM
1 GB of free hard disk space available
Hardware 3D acceleration required: ATI Radeon or NVidia GeForce card (32 MB VRAM or better)

What Next

Expect to see previews of the game on popular Apple Mac gaming news sites soon, as well as an official demo and trailer which are in the works.

James Bond 007 NightFire is rated "T" (Teen) by the ESRB and will be available where fine entertainment software is sold with an SRP of $39.99.

MI6 Price $39.99