Games company EA have released three more teasing screenshots of the latest 007 adventure to hit the gamers later this year. "NightFire" will also have the services of Pierce Brosnan...

New Look At NightFire
22nd August 2002

Pierce Brosnan has agreed to lend his likeness to officially licensed games company Electronic Arts to feature as the gaming 007.

Chip Lange from EA said: "Pierce Brosnan and Bond have created an unbeatable combination for the franchise over the past few years, so we're excited to have Pierce aboard to help deliver to fans the ultimate Bond experience.

"I am confident that together, Pierce Brosnan, EA and NightFire will make for the most dynamic and appealing Bond game yet."

Image courtesy Orange News

The new game is due for release at the same time as "Die Another Day", on November 22nd 2002. It will feature over 10 locations familiar to Bond fans. The "supporting cast" of the game is also rumoured to feature allies, villains and Bond girls from previous adventures.

After taking much criticism for not releasing the last game "Agent Under Fire" on the PC platform, EA have committed to multi-platform support. "NightFire" will be available for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and the PC.

Official Description

The ultimate secret agent is back in his most dangerous adventure yet in James Bond 007: NightFire.

Explore new heights and depths like never before-infiltrate towering skyscrapers, take on treacherous underwater missions, and manoeuvre your sleek Aston Martin V12 Vanquish through the streets of Tokyo while turning on the Bond charm with glamorous (and sometimes deadly) Bond women.

New state-of-the-art upgradeable gadgets and weapons and original missions including zero-gravity assignments will leave you shaken…and stirred.

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