Sony Pictures Mobile have launched a new cell phone game "James Bond - Top Agent". MI6 takes a look at the new handheld adventure...

James Bond - Top Agent
22nd May 2008

Official Blurb
Create your own custom secret agent, and battle other players, henchmen, and famous villains in a unique multiplayer gaming experience. Collect weapons and gain experience points to build your agent into a powerful and unstoppable force.


  • Agents become more powerful as they play by collecting weapons and experience points.
  • Player vs. Player gameplay allowing for a massive mobile multiplayer experience unlike any other.
  • Easy to play for the novice gamer, with enough depth to challenge experienced players.
  • Matches take place in well known locations from James Bond movies.
  • Players can specialize in brawling, gunmanship, or gadgetry.
  • Players can collect over 80 items and weapons to tip the balance of play in their favor.
Above: Splash screen

The Spy Who Loved Me - Mission
Agent, after examining Karl Stromberg's Atlantis sea base, it is clear that his is operating the tracking system being used to capture Soviet and NATO submarines. The United States Navy submarine that you are on has been captured while attempting to hunt down Stromberg's modified supertanker, the Liparus. You must escape and prevent Stromberg from using the submarines to destroy the planet.

MI6 understands that an upcoming mission pack download will be based on Goldfinger.

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C120, C150, C300, C810

Sony Ericsson
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