An action sequence abandoned from "GoldenEye" before production began is finally being realised in the new film "Skyfall"...

Shelved GoldenEye Stunt

25th March 2012

At a late stage in the scripting process for Pierce Brosnan's debut outing as 007, a daring rooftop train sequence above a ravine was planned. The action would be a key moment in "GoldenEye", and former 007 production designer Syd Cain was brought on to create the storyboards for the complex stunt. As shooting neared, the set-piece was shelved.

As has happened many times in the past, such as the helicopter buzz saws eventually seen in "The World Is Not Enough", sequences once determined to be too costly or technically challenging are resurrected for a later film.

A variation on the stunt first envisioned back in the early 1990s will be seen later this year in "Skyfall", now being shot in Turkey. The location will be the Varda Railway Bridge in the Taurus Mountains.

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