Roger Moore appeared on the popular ABC show Good Morning America back in May 1985 to promote the latest James Bond movie "A View To A Kill"...

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23rd May 2011

Roger Moore appeared on the popular ABC show Good Morning America back in May 1985 to promote the latest James Bond blockbuster, "A View To A Kill". He talked about the production, shooting in Paris and how the series has to keep up.

On an exhausting but comfortable shoot...
When I saw the rough cut a couple of months ago, I suddenly realised why I was so tired - because there's probably more action in this one than any of the others. It really goes, goes, goes, goes... But we were doing it in rather pleasant places. There wasn't the heat of India or Thailand. We were in Paris, and Chantille, and of course San Francisco. So at the end of the working day, you had somewhere you can go and eat in comfortable surroundings and not have to worry about what you're eating.

On getting exercise in Paris...
Well, to get to where we were shooting... The Eiffel tower has the top level where tourists go, and the restaurant below it, and there is the middle level which is the service level. The elevators would take us and the crew with all the equipment up there, but when it came to coming down, until 6pm in the evening they weren't going to stop on that middle section. So at lunch time it meant walking down. Well all those steps are supposed to be good for the leg muscles and good for skiing, but then I had this feeling that it was all going to collapse because you can see all the holes in the ironwork and it was very weird.


On the Bond movies getting easier or harder...
It's difficult from the production point of view, trying to find new and different things to do. Not just new gadgets, but really new stunts and things that haven't been done. For example, I said before I read the first draft of the script 'come on, where are we going fellas? San Francisco? Oh no, it's going to be another car chase!' From "Bullit" on, it's been just that. But they said they had another way of doing it and I said I'd be interested to see how. And of course it's a very funny chase because we use a fire engine.

Above: Most of Moore's work on the fire engine chase was actually shot with back-projection in the safety of Pinewood Studios.


On women saying their mother's are big fans....
They started doing that a long time ago. It started with leading ladies who said 'my mother worked with you on Ivanhoe.' Which is wonderful. They were talking about the original Ivanhoe... way back in 1400!

On how Bond movies keep it up...
Remember Ursula Andress coming out of the water wearing, what today would be considered, an over-dressed bikini? Immediately they said 'gosh, this is sexy' and it would be a problem with censors. Today, every other film has full frontal nudity, and not neccessarily getting a 'R' rating. We have a battle to keep a PG rating, as Cubby as always said, this is family entertainment.

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