Roger Moore, Christopher Walken, Richard Kiel and Christopher Lee appeared on the popular ABC show Good Morning America back in May 1985 to promote the latest James Bond movie "A View To A Kill"...

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13th June 2011

Stars Roger Moore and Christopher Walken appeared on the popular ABC show Good Morning America back on Tuesday, 15th May 1985, to promote the latest James Bond blockbuster, "A View To A Kill", and were joined by 007 alumni Christopher Lee (Scaramanga) and Richard Kiel (Jaws) to talk about the villains of the series.

What are the keys to being a great villain, and making it believable?

Christopher Lee: Well there is a distinction between being a villain in a Bond film and any other film. In a Bond film, the villain - in a way - is really the dark side of Bond. I think I have pretty good authority for saying that because Ian Fleming was my cousin. Up until he died, I talked to him on countless occasions at great length - mostly on the golf course, the same one he describes in Goldfinger - about the stories and about Bond, who he was based on, and of course the villains.


In the case of the Bond villains, they are very colourful, they have to be larger than life and somewhat exotic. And as Ian once said to me, in way the other side, the dark side, of Bond.

Roger Moore: I've only had the chance to play a villain on a couple of occasions, but really it was more a case of someone who was not particularly nice. But the director told me: always play the villain as if he were the hero because you must believe in what you are doing.


Why did you take the role in a Bond film?

Christopher Walken: It was a good part for me. I've seen the movies all my life. The other day, I have a nephew and he saw his first Bond movie mat age 15, and it reminded me that I saw my first Bond at the same age. So, he'll go to see this and it's almost deja vu.

Hopefully I play a worthy opponent for Bond. Bond doesn't take on just anybody. So the villains have to be larger than life to match Bond, who obviously is.

What is it like to play a character that nobody roots for?

Richard Kiel: Well I think things went awry for that particular character, Jaws, because some people ended up rooting for him. A bit like the road-runner and coyote.

I don't know what it was about him, but people kind of liked him. There was some humour and a report between Jaws and Bond, and some mutual respect between the two characters.

On the humour angle, how to you keep it straight opposite Roger?

Christopher Lee: It is extremely difficult to play any scene with Roger without breaking up most of the time because he's a very funny man and I've known him for a very long time, and he's proves he's a very funny man every time he opens his mouth. We had a wonderful time on The Man With The Golden Gun and it was one of the happiest experiences I've had making a film. I've done a couple of other things with Roger over the years but nothing else at that level, and nothing else as enjoyable.

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