Look back at how the tabloid press reported on the pre-production of "Live And Let Die" back in 1972...

Tabloid Archive: Live And Let Die
3rd April 2011

August 2nd, 1972 - The Prescott Courier - Gossip Column
[Roger Moore] isn't going to play James Bond. It turns out Moore has commitment which will keep him busy for the next three years. As a director he has three films coming up. One with Glenda Jackson, another with Liz Taylor, and he will act in a third. Moore's Italian wife, Luisa, is disappointed as she thought he would make a fantastic Bond. The Moores have been married for three years although on of their two children is either years old. There was that little problem with the first Mrs. Moore who wouldn't agree to a divorce for quite a while.


August 2nd, 1972 - Associated Press - Roger Moore: A Saintly 007
Roger (The Saint) Moore has picked up Sean Connery's gun and from now on will battle Britain's enemies as secret agent 007 James Bond. Moore, 43, was named to star in "Live And Let Die", the next of the Ian Fleming novels to be filmed. He is giving up all television and stage work to concentrate on his new role. Shooting will being in the fall in New Orleans, Jamaica, New York and studios [in London].

August 2nd, 1972, - Evening Times - The Saint in Bond
Bond is to stay British! What a great boost that is to our morale. Despite the American distributors wanting an American star, super-suave Roger Moore has won the day, and not a hair out of place - as usual. He may have lost his halo - but he's gaining a licence to kill. It's odd, though, that at a time when Britain seems to be getting smaller and no longer rules the waves or has an empire, the biggest symbol figure in cinema is British.

Left: Roger Moore is unveiled to the press in London as the third James Bond.

August 5th, 1972 - The Deseret News - Moore Is New James Bond
The selection of Roger Moore ends months of speculation, tests and conferences concerning the star of the upcoming Ian Fleming screen thriller. Moore has made entertainment history by starring in five top-rated international television series: "The Saint", "The Persuaders", "Ivanhoe", "The Alaskans" and "Maverick". Producers Broccoli and Saltzman were determined to have an Englishman for the role, and London-born and educated Roger Moore struck them as the idea choice. They previously wanted him for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" but he was unavailable then because of television commitments. Moore has since given up TV work to concentrate on films,

September 1st, 1972 - Sarasota Journal - Showbiz News & Gossip
Harry Saltzman's and Cubby Broccoli's choice for the siren in their upcoming James Bonder, "Live And Let Die", looks to be Playboy's August playmate. She's sireny Linda Summers. The next film, with attractive, emphatic Roger Moore as 007, starts shooting in New Orleans in October.

And Cubby Broccoli's next picture after "Die" will be "The Professor." It's from the novel by Jack Lynn about a professor (surprise) who teaches the offspring of Mafia bosses. It's already had a few smashing reviews, and will be out in paperback. As is the trend among books nowadays, "Professor" has not been published in hard cover.

March 20th, 1973 - Edmonton Journal - More Capers For New 007
Roger Moore will be exuding a svelte 'n' sexy James Bond image when he appears before the TV cameras on March 27 as a presenter at the academy awards. The actor, who has just completed the 007 caper "Live And Let Die", is under orders from producers Harry Saltzman and Cubby Broccoli to stay short-shorn and slim. They feel he owes that that much, claiming he's a walking advertisement for their product all during its months of pre-release and until it has completed its theatrical run. Moore makes it clear he isn't complaining about the edict.


Above: Linda Summers (born November 20, 1950 in San Diego, California) was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for the August 1972 issue (cover inset). Her centerfold was photographed by William Figge and Ed DeLong.

Already signed for two additional Bond capers, and with talk of more to follow, about $3m in his pocket, he is eager to go along with his producers' keep-the-image orders. For that kind of money, keeping regular barber appointments, and staying away from silhoutte-stretching foods, are things he'll do gladly.

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