James Bond fans have created a selection of alternate cover art for "Live And Let Die", now MI6 readers vote for the winner...

Live And Let Die- Cover Art Competition

4th May 2011

Back in March, MI6 asked fans and graphic artists of the MI6 Community forums to design a jacket for Ian Fleming's James Bond novel "Live And Let Die". The requirements were that it included the title and author, the images used were original or copyright free, and the cover did not incorporate elements from the EON Productions' films. MI6 has rounded up the artwork and the finalists and invites you to vote for your favourite contribution.


Entry #1
Artist: haserot
Voting Code: LALD01
Entry #2
Artist: Gobi-1
Voting Code: LALD02
Entry #3
Artist: Gaz1961
Voting Code: LALD03

Entry #4
Artist: retrokitty
Voting Code: LALD04
Entry #5
Artist: haserot
Voting Code: LALD05
Entry #6
Artist: CoH_GHOST_007
Voting Code: LALD06

Entry #7
Artist: Nick_007
Voting Code: LALD07
Entry #8
Artist: JobeGDG
Voting Code: LALD08
Entry #9
Artist: felixbnrj
Voting Code: LALD09

Entry #10
Artist: Gaz1961
Voting Code: LALD10
Entry #11
Artist: haserot
Voting Code: LALD11
Entry #12
Artist: Gaz1961
Voting Code: LALD12

(Click on the cover art to view the complete cover. Some icons above may be cropped.)

How To Vote
MI6 readers simply write to [email protected] with the appropriate voting code (as displayed below each finalist).

Terms & Conditions
The voting closes at midnight GMT on 4th June 2011. MI6 will tally the votes and select the winners from all of the emails received by the deadline.

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