MI6 caught up with "Everything or Nothing" voice artist Alex Fernández...

Alex Fernández Interview
12th October 2003

How were you approached by Electronic Arts to provide voice acting in "Everything or Nothing"?
They contacted my voice over agency, VOX, and asked them to recommend someone who could act in both English and Spanish, as this game is set in South and Central America. My agent, Tom Lawless recommended me and i got the gig, which I was very excited about.

When and where did you record the voice-over's? Was the recording process any different to those of other games you've work on?
I recorded a couple of days this summer at a studio in Santa Monica, California called Pacific Ocean Post. The process of recording voices for CD-ROMs is always basically the same; because it's a game it needs to be flexible enough to cover all the possible outcomes, so you have to provide the lines with different variations of energy and attitude depending on what the director wants. And you're very dependant on the director since you don't really know the story or what's needed in that moment.

Can you tell us anything about the characters you recorded voice-over's for?
Were you involved with any of the main characters?
I recorded various screaming and dying south american soldiers and guards. I did get to corner Bond on a couple of occasions though, so if you're not playing the game well at that point i assume you'll be getting killed by me.

Are you a fan of the James Bond movies? Did you get any inspiration from the movies for your roles?
I am indeed a fan of the films. My favorites are the Roger Moore ones, since they take me back to my teenage years when I saw them all. I think i saw Octopussy about 4 straight times, back when they didn't kick you out of the cinema between showings. Without giving away something that may be a secret, I did get to voice a little something that is part of the Bond mystique.

Are there any differences between voice recording for a game and that in a movie?
In a movie you know exactly what's going on. Many times you're actually watching it on a screen in front of you. With games you have only a general idea and basically do what the director asks.

Were you given any concept art or in-game footage of the characters you were creating voice-over's for?
Not for this, since the roles are small. When I recorded the last two Final Fantasy games they did have art for me to look at.

Right: Voice artist Alex Fernández


ere the voice-over lines already written for you, at the stage you came onboard the project?
Yes and no. All the lines were written (as they always are) in English. I then translated them into Spanish and did each one in both languages and with various takes.

Did you have to put on different voices for the game? Do you have a favourite?
I think i did two voices which will probably be broken up and used to create as many characters as possible. Basically it's gruff older scary guy and high pitched young nervous guy.

Is the voice acting business a competitive one? Is it difficult to get work?
Very difficult. I've been doing it for about ten years, and most of my work comes from requests; people who know me and have worked with me before wanting to use me again. It's very much a clique that way. Unless you're a star, producers don't want to waste time hiring people that they'll have to pretty much teach the job to as they're doing it, so they tend to stick with veterans. The rest is just audition after audition after audition...

How do you train and practice to be a voice actor? Is it a profession that anyone can get started in?
Yes, anyone can get started in it, but I'll withhold advice. I don't want anyone reading this to get in the business and take jobs away from me!

Finally, did you enjoy the project? Will it be a memorable one?
The most memorable and enjoyable thing was that I got to meet John Cleese. I was kept waiting a long while because they were taking their time with the guy who was in ahead of me, who turned out to be him. Easily the coolest star I've met in a working environment. Although, when I say met, I mean I said "hello", he said "hello", and that was it. When I tell the story to friends however, me and Q hang out much more!

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