MI6 quizzed Executive Producer Patrick Gilmore this week about the forthcoming "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent" game...

GoldenEye Rogue Agent - Patrick Gilmore Interview (2)
10th August 2004

In the films the villains die at different points in time - do you feel that bringing all the villains together at one point in time and introducing modern weaponry upsets the Bond timeline and the essence of Bond that we�ve seen in the films?
Does "Alien Vs Predator" upset the timeline of Alien or Predator? I think what we�re talking about here is a kind of alternate Bond history, we�re talking about an alternate reality in the same way that is very common in comic books and often in movies.

We took the characters we really, really love and we tried to stay as faithful as we could to those characters. So Pussy Galore is still Pussy Galore, but we still get to put her in new situations and have her react to those. With MGM and Danjaq�s cooperation and support we�re showing that character in a slightly different context and a slightly different light, and that is part of the fun of the product - you get to see all those characters in different situations than you saw them in the original films.

How long do you expect the single player element of the game to last?
Well it depends on whose playing it... I expect it to last a very long time. We�re making a product that is designed to be a perennial product. The single player component of the game is something that I�d expect the average player of the game could probably finish in 18 to 20 hours, something like that. But there�s so much more value that we�re delivering in the form of a vast variety of multi player modes. We have single player, we have 2 player multi player, we�ve got 4 player deathmatch, team-based games, we�ve got 8 player, we�ve got online, we�ve got a huge variety of ways to play and engage with this game that go so far beyond the single player. I think that�s what drove the popularity and perennial viability of the original "GoldenEye N64" - it wasn�t over after you�d finished the single player campaign.



Above: Patrick Gilmore talking to MI6 about the latest game "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent"

"The GoldenEye title is a really apt description of our product... we�re focusing on the basic principles that made the original GoldenEye a great game."

Above: Concept artwork for the Hong Kong mission.

What is the greatest priority - the multiplayer modes or the single player campaign?
Well as it happens we were able to choose two priorities because we have two huge teams working on each part of the game. The way we�re structured means we have a team in Montreal which has focused on the multiplayer part of the game, and that is basically their sole task. So we have a team that is roughly split in two that are focused on separate pieces of this game and each part of the team is focused on making that as great as they possibly can.

Above: Exclusive screenshot from the Hong Kong mission.


With the use of the title "GoldenEye" and it being such a great name due to the success of the original N64 incarnation, you have received some criticism so far from the Bond community about this. Is EA trying to use the title to get more people to buy the product?
Well I think the GoldenEye title is a really apt description of our product, as I said before we�re focusing on the basic principles that made the original GoldenEye a great game. Bond titles have become more than just the character of James Bond - this kind of land speed and air adventure that essentially created an extension to the original GoldenEye. The run and gun first person game play is something that we�re ensuring is well serviced so we came back to that title and finally made a game which was in every respect a sequel to that game.

With rendering technology and MGM�s very right sensitivity to have James Bond act in the movies and to who James Bond is a character, you know he�s not the kind of guy to sneak up on somebody and shoot them in the head. He�s not the kind of guy who is constantly carrying a weapon around. So there�s a series of games that are Bond games that are about that character - but then this particular type of game play wasn�t being as well serviced as we wanted so we�re making this GoldenEye game that is a crucial successor to the original GoldenEye - and we�re following the exact same principles that made that game a hit. So it�s not about the marketing, it�s not about the public perception, for us it�s about "what are the guiding principles of the game", what is it that�s focusing the development team, and what is it exactly that we�re making, and what is that we�re not making.

Do you think the criticism of EA is fair?
I understand peoples reaction to the title, and without exception every time somebody has played the game they come back and say �we get it�.

  Stay tuned to MI6 for further intel reports on "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent", due out in stores November 2004.

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