MI6 caught up with Hilary Saltzman to find out about her involvement with Canada’s biggest James Bond event ever - Vue Sur Bond 007...

Interview - Hilary Saltzman
7th February 2006

Can you tell us about your involvement in the upcoming event "Vue Sur Bond 007"?
I sit on the Board of The Film Festival of The 3 Americas, here in Quebec City. It is a festival showcasing films from North, South and Central America. The president asked me if I would be willing to help chair an event honouring my father, Harry Saltzman as a Canadian film producer and his legacy in film. I was thrilled with the idea. Now doing this in partnership with UNICEF we will also be raising funds to benefit children in Guatemala.

These children may not have heard of James Bond but they will be served by him!

Above: Deborah Moore, Hilary Saltzman and Sir Roger Moore

What is your attachment to Québec and why choose it as the location for this event?
I moved here almost 3 years ago falling in love with the area on a visit to a friend living here. Through my immigration process I discovered my father had been born in Quebec not St. John, New Brunswick as I had previously thought. So to honour my father in his true place of birth through the Film Festival I support, is a dream come true.

Would you tell us a little about the tribute to your father set to take place at "Vue Sur Bond 007"?
The tribute is truly through the attendance and support of part of the Bond family i.e. Sir Roger Moore, Britt Ekland, Guy Hamilton, Richard Kiel, Dame Shirley Bassey and Nic Raine who has collaborated with John Barry for the last 16 years. Also this event would not have been possible without the kind and generous support of all those at EON Productions-Michael Wilson, Barbara Broccoli and Anne Bennet also many at Sony/MGM.

On February 25 there will be a concert featuring a special documentary on my father, a musical celebration of The James Bond series, projections of film clips with the music played live by the Quebec Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Nic Raine, songs interpreted by various artists including the forever extraordinary Dame Shirley Bassey singing her signature Bond songs, Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever…plus some surprises!

Truly a once in a lifetime event…Tickets are only 90 or 60 dollars....

Above: Harry Saltzman, Ian Fleming and Cubby Broccoli

What other items are of interest are in store for attendees of the event?
The first 11 Bond films will be screened at a local theater for free to the public (donations of course accepted to both UNICEF and the film festival), and Sir Roger and all our other celebrity guests will have Question & Answer sessions prior to their films. They will appear over the 3 day weekend.

This event is taking place in Quebec, the snow capital of the world so there will be a James Bond style ski competition at Mont St. Anne ski center. Most importantly there will be 2 opportunities for fans to mingle with our special James Bond guests at benefit fundraisers.

On Friday night February 24th for $2000 Canadian dollars (all proceeds to go to UNICEF) only 25 guests will share an intimate Cocktail, Special Presentation and Dinner at the famous Quebec landmark the Chateau Frontenac with Sir Roger Moore, Britt Ekland, Richard Kiel, Guy Hamilton, Dame Bassey and the Unicef CEO and President Nigel Fisher. There will also be very special gifts for each ticket holder.

On Saturday, February 25th for only $500 there will be a cocktail party prior to the concert with all of our Bond guests and other celebrities present. The ticket also buys a seat in the first 8 rows of the theater and each recipient will also receive a special gift….. Tickets are still available for both ...but going fast!

Above: Hilary Saltzman


What is your most treasured memory of your father and his involvement in the Bond series?
His love of seeing his creative ideas coming to life on set and the pride that he took participating in each detail.

What do you remember of producing the early Bond pictures?
I was a child then, but my father did bring home pictures of prospective Bond girls and we each put in our thoughts. Also he would play us different songs to help choose the next artist he would then ask to perform at the beginning of each film.

Do you still feel a strong connection to the series yourself and if so, in what way?
I feel a connection because for the first 15 years of my life I lived and breathed the James Bond films. I travelled and lived in exotic locations worldwide. Most importantly friendships were formed that still exist today. It was like being a part of a large family that only grows through the years.

After the Broccoli/Saltzman split, did you continue to remain family friends with the Broccolis?
Yes, In fact my father and Cubby Broccoli resumed their friendship at a film premiere grace of Topol. I remain friends with Barbara to this day.

Roger Moore was very good friends with your father, how did you get along with him?
He was like my Uncle and still is! It is an honour to know him. His tireless work as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF is truly inspiring. His children and I are very close friends and his son Christian even asked me to be Godmother to his daughter Jessie.

Above: Cubby Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, at a Royal Premiere...

What involvement, if any, do you have in the new "Redeeming Season" feature film?
I am proud to say I am producing The Redeeming Season with two partners. It will start filming in Florida in May of this year.

How do you feel about the upcoming Bond picture, "Casino Royale"?
I am very excited to see it. Paul Haggis who wrote Crash and Million Dollar Baby worked on the screenplay and it will be exciting to see a new James Bond take off… Daniel Craig is a super actor and great to watch on screen!


I would like to end this interview by inviting James Bond fans worldwide to join us in this unique, once in a lifetime event here in Quebec City, February 24-26.

To find hotels participating with special rates for the weekend and for ticket information please visit our website: www.vuesurbond007.com

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Hilary Saltzman

Images courtesy Hilary Saltzman

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