When Roger Moore first appeared in his opening 007 adventure "Live And Let Die", Madeline Smith as saucy Italian agent Miss Caruso was the first actress to bed the new James Bond...

Madeline Smith Interview
26th April 2003

When Roger Moore first appeared in his opening 007 adventure "Live And Let Die", Madeline Smith as saucy Italian agent Miss Caruso was the first actress to bed the new James Bond.


You were a new Bond girl in 1973 and had a new Bond also, Roger Moore. Can you tell us what it was like working with him?
Well it was a delightful experience being Roger's first Bond girl, we had worked together before in "The Persuaders" so we’re quite familiar with each other. Lovely, he suggested me for the part, it was a coming together again with a familiar person an a hugely enjoyable experience.

You had that infamous scene with the dress and Bond's magnetic watch. Did it all go as smoothly as it appears to on screen?
Well because the famous blue dress was made out of terribly thick material, the zip which was meant to unzip in a flash with the magnetic watch and didn’t, it bucked!

A very famous man named Derek Meddings who was a special effects guy was lying at my feet pulling on a string that went to the zip; there were a lot of hilarious moments then. Somebody was pulling on the dress somebody was pulling on the other end of the zip, in the end it worked fairly seamlessly.

What I think was funny about that was Roger's then lovely wife Louisa was sitting at the bottom of the bed watching us shoot the scene. Very Italian, very possessive, very loving. She was not having any fun! I think he was wearing nice boxer shorts so it was all very modest and above board, very English!
He is delightful, a very humorous man and hard working, every time we were doing a scene he would nip off to learn a fight that he was shooting on a train at a later date. Very committed and very serious. Humorous but serious.

How did you land your role as Madeline Smith as Miss Caruso?
I had to audition for the role.

When you got to see the film for the first time how did you feel about seeing yourself on the big screen?
I hid under the seat immediately!

What are your most cherished memories from the Bond productions?
Hearing that wonderful Paul McCartney music. Someone said listen to this bloody marvelous music, so we sat there in rapture. If I hear that music now my heart leaps because I think its such marvelous music. That was the best moment.


How did your image as a "Bond Girl" affect your career post 1973?
Interestingly enough in those days, all that time ago, it was not considered such a huge thing to do, it could actually ruin you career because they would type cast you forever. Some time people were not always happy to accept the part, and that’s actually true. Now it’s a huge career enhancer, it was not a minus or plus in those days, it was delightful to have done. I didn’t get any publicity from it at all at the time which is interesting, now it’s actually paying off, you have to remember that it was 1973.

  You are just as famous for being a "Hammer Horrors" leading lady, can you talk us through your most memorable experience while making horror films?
Well I was in three "Hammer"s and I did one called "Theatre of Blood", it was a smashing experience. "The Theatre of Blood" was my favourite of all time, working with all those famous actors. It was such an amazing line up; I think I must have fallen in love with all those gentlemen. Jeff Hawkings the chief among us, and I was working once again with Arthur Lowe who I had worked with on TV and in commercials. So a revisiting of my friendship with Arthur Lowe, and most special of all was watching Vincent Price and Coral Browne falling in love. Because that’s where they fell in love, and from that they got married and where from that day I’m happy to say were happy ever after. That was 1972 and it was magic to see two olden’s falling in love at that stage of there life, the most wonderful people.

00-Seven Questions

How were you involved in the Bond series?
I played Miss Caruso in "Live And Let Die"

What was your first ever Bond experience?
Watching Sean Connery as Bond he was superb. I saw him play golf as ever when I was making a film with Aver Gardner in 1969 and he came visiting.

What did you think of the last film, "Die Another Day"?
I have not seen it, but I saw Pierce in "GoldenEye" and thought he was excellent.

What is your favourite Bond film?
My film, but I think it’s a bloody good film. It’s got a lot of humour, excitement, black comedy, which I love, smashing locations, great cars. Mine!

Who is your favourite Bond?
Roger and Sean!

What is your favourite Bond moment from the series?
I think the line “that’s your funeral” that moment at the beginning in New Orleans.

Thanks to Madeline Smith.

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