Last month MI6 had a chat with the gorgeous singer, Mya Harrison, about her role and musical influence in the latest Bond game "Everything or Nothing" and more...

Interview - Mya Harrison
21st February 2004

Last month MI6 had a quick with the gorgeous singer, Mya Harrison, about her role and musical influence in the latest Bond game "Everything or Nothing" and more...

Influences & Inspirations...

Who has been your biggest inspiration come from?
My biggest inspiration has been my parents. They've supported me through all of this madness and provide a safe haven for me to go to when all of this becomes too much. They keep me strongly grounded in reality which is what keeps me going.

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Who has been your biggest inspiration come from?
My roots as a performer can somewhat be attributed to my father. He was a singer and as a little girl I would sit and watch him perform. I guess you can say that I was born with music in my genes. As far as musical influences, I really respect Prince's artistic freedom. I also love women who sang stylized jazz like Lena Horne (I just did "Stormy Weather" on Women Who Rock) and Billie Holliday. That kind of singing is truly heartfelt and emotional and kind of sexy. There's a jazz version of "Everything or Nothing" that reminds me of that kind of performing. I love it.

How did you feel to be nominated for the MTV award?
It's always exciting being recognized for the hard work that I put into everything that I do. It's kind of like someone telling you "good job!". It makes you want to keep doing your best.

Everything or Nothing

How were you approached by EA to sing the title song for Everything or Nothing? How eager were you to work on such a famous and recognised series?
My record label actually approached me about this opportunity. Just being a part of anything Bond related is exciting. James Bond is the ultimate sexy man!

I watched the films as a child and have always loved him. No one else handles business the way that he does. And finding out that I'd actually be a character in the game was so hot! At the time I was wondering if my character would get shot or something like that. I'm sure that my little brothers would have a ball playing THAT game.

Was the Everything or Nothing song already written before you became involved with the project?
No, the song wasn't written. Ron Fair and I collaborated on the song and I actually wrote the lyrics. He had a track that he was working on and played it for me. Then I took the title of the game and went to work on the lyrics.

Above: Mya Harrison.

Being "Starling"..

At what stage did you come onboard the project?
It was pretty early on. The game was still being designed.

At the beginner, were you aware of your character role in the actual game? Or was this a late edition to your role?
I knew about being a character in the game from the very beginning. I'm National Security Agent "Mya Starling" in the game. I had lines and everything! I knew that I would sing the title song in the video and that I would have some interaction with James Bond. I didn't know exactly how everything was going to play out until after we did the body scans.


Did you find any inspiration from previous Bond theme songs? Do you have a favourite Bond tune?
I think this song is unique to the game and is fitting for the story. That's what makes all Bond songs special. They take you to that particular place and time that you were when you first saw the film.

Can you tell us anything about the game's theme song? What style is the music and lyrics? Are there any orchestral elements to the theme, or is the piece much more synthesized?
There are two versions of the is kind of uptempo and a tiny bit synthesized and the other is sexy and jazzy acoustic. It's the kind of song a woman could use to seduce James Bond.

Left: Mya Harrison.

Was the recording process any different to that of a normal song? If given the chance, would you sing the theme for a future Bond game?
The recording process was exactly the same as any other song. I would ABSOLUTELY sing another Bond theme whenever, film, whatever I'm down. It's a pleasure and an honour being chosen as a Bond girl for the game. The Bond girls are always fierce!

Current favourite Album?
"Floetry" (by Floetry).

Will we be seeing your James Bond track on your forthcoming album?
Well, my album has already been released so it won't be appearing there but there's a possibility that it might appear on international releases. We're still trying to figure that out.

What is your next project?
Currently filming a Wes Crave movie called "Cursed". I'll be working on promoting my current release "Moodring" as well as appearing in the films "Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2" and "Shall We Dance" with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.

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00-Seven Questions

How were you involved in the Bond series?
I play the role of an NSA agent going undercover as a jazz singer at the Kiss Kiss club in New Orleans.

What was your first ever Bond experience?
This is my first Bond experience and I loved every minute of it

What did you think of the last film, "Die Another Day"?
Loved the Aston Martin.

What is your favourite Bond film?

Who is your favourite Bond?
Pierce Brosnan

Which Bond girl should come back?
Pussy Galore.

What is your favourite Bond moment from the series?
In Goldeneye where Famke Janssen's character kills that guy in the bed with her legs!

Many thanks to Mya Harrison.

Above: "Mya third album, "Moodring".

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