Earlier this month MI6 caught up with Rachel Grant to talk a little Bond and her career so far...

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Interview - Rachel Grant
18th November 2003

MI6 had the chance to catch up with Rachel Grant. The multitalented actress took half an hour out of her busy schedule to chat to us. In this interview we talk about her career and involvement on the latest Bond film "Die Another Day" one year on...

Above: Rachel Grant in a Bond girl pose

DVD Chapter

"Die Another Day" Special Edition
Massaging A Deal



From The Beginning...

What was your first modeling assignment?
It was for the Warehouse clothes.

What was your first acting role?
I was 4 years old and I played a leaf in Little Red Riding Hood! It was my first time on stage.

What lead you from Modeling to Acting?
I was acting first and always! I was never an MTA. Modeling was and is 3 or 4 times a year in my spare time. I wouldn’t even call myself a real professional with modeling. If anything acting has led me to do modeling because acting work is so few and far between.

How long did you have to wait for your break as an actress?
I had to wait 7 years from when I came to London (when I was 16) before I got a regular TV gig.

Is there a particular Actor/Actress who has inspired you?
Audrey, Marilyn and Julie Andrews were big favourites of mine while I was growing up.

Are you the only sister who is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry?
I have an elder sister who has been a ballet dancer and is now a teacher. She also has a very successful modeling career and has appeared in various magazines including Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Her appearance in half a dozen TV adverts in the Far East in the last 3 years has made her one of the Philippines’ top models.
Rebecca, the younger sister, is currently appearing in the hit Lloyd Webber show Bombay Dreams. She began as one of the ensemble but is now playing the part of Munni. Rebecca has also appeared as a dancer in the Opera’s Carmen and Aida at The Royal Albert Hall.

A Little Of This And That...

With such a diverse acting resume, is there any genre you with to pursue?
I eventually would like to work on serious film dramas. I do enjoy action and horror and find my career taking this route. I love it!

What film/TV programme have you personal enjoyed making?
I thoroughly enjoyed creating and playing Nina – the horror hostess off Sci-Fright from Sci-fi Channel. She probably is my favourite to date.

You currently filming “The Purifiers” when will this film be out, can you tell us a little more about your character?
I completed a role in The Purifiers mid summer which is due for release spring/summer 2004. The Purifiers is directed by Richard Jobson who produced the series of short films called Tube Tales which were directed by well known actors like Jude Law and Ewen McGregor. He was once lead singer of the successful band The Skids. He is extremely talented. I play a character called Li in what is arguably the first British martial arts film. Li is a Purifier and gets to kick ass!

"The Purifiers" Official Website High bandwidth
"The Purifiers" Official Website Low bandwidth


Above: Rachel Grant

What are your future feature film plans?
British TV seems to be on the agenda at the moment. I am being seen for one or two movie parts but decent auditions here are almost non existent and it’s very disappointing. So I plan to move to L.A. shortly.

Peaceful Fountains of Desire...oh!

Can you remember at what stage you were cast for the role Bond role?
It was the end of February 2002.


How was working opposite the leading Bond of the time Pierce Brosnan?
Absolutely fabulous, the experience was the best!

Who has been your favourite Bond?
I like Sean, Roger and Pierce – all are good in different ways. To stay at the job and do a few is something.

After appearing as a bond girl what opportunity resulted from your exposure?
I haven’t really stopped working since "Die Another Day". In most cases I still have to audition but production companies know if they hire me for a gig, press is relatively easy to get. My interviews always read as ‘Rachel Grant Bond Girl….’ and it’s almost like having an abbreviated degree after your name. It’s funny and quite remarkable the power of Bond.

After your role in "Die Another Day", do you feel like a member of the Bond family?
Yeah, more so than I did at the time. It grows on you I guess...


We promoted your début single, how successful was that?
I think we sold nearly all the records and it was merely a warm up/introduction tune for a bigger single which unfortunately I have not finished and I missed my deadline. I have had interest from quite a few record labels but time is the issue at the moment and I am not prepared to stop or cut down my acting time to do music.

Did you enjoy making the single?
It was ok, fun. I enjoy writing lyrics.

Will we be seeing a follow Single/Album?
Supposedly but as I said I need more time to promote and to work more on it.

Many thanks to Rachel Grant and her forthcoming feature "The Purifers".


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Name: Rachel Grant

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