MI6 gained exclusive access to the Sideshow Collectibles studio and talked to the creatives behind the James Bond Legacy Collection and Roger Moore ¼ scale figures...

Inside The Sideshow Studio
14th May 2007

MI6 gained exclusive access to the Sideshow Collectibles studio and talked to the creatives behind the James Bond Legacy Collection and Roger Moore ¼ scale figures. MI6 was joined by Heath Hammond (Sideshow's 3D Development Manager), Quoc Ha (Sideshow’s Graphic Arts Manager) and Oluf W. Hartvigson (Sculptor).

James Bond Legacy Collection

How did the idea for this new Legacy Collection series come about?
Heath - Back when we found out that there would be a new James Bond movie coming up ('Casino Royale') and that there would be a brand new actor chosen to play 007, our team came up with the idea to create an updated line of Bond figures featuring the score of talented actors who have brought the secret agent to life throughout the years. Sideshow's Legacy Collection 12-inch figures celebrate the essence of the franchise and bring to mind the iconic sophistication of the character, as delivered to the screen by each unique individual who has played the super spy, from Sean Connery through Pierce Brosnan.

As a way to set this line apart from our previous James Bond 12-inch figures (and to celebrate the new film) each figure comes with a unique, actor-specific poker chip, as well as all new costumes and packaging that evoke the classic elegance for which Bond is most well-known. The Legacy Collection is great for new Bond collectors who may have missed out on some of our older releases, as well as for long-time collectors who have been craving a re-fresh for their 007 display.

How did you select the accessories for each figure?
Heath - We approached the accessories for the Legacy Collection from an angle that would bring to mind the very essence of James Bond – not necessarily scene-specific, but character driven. The pistols, the martini glasses, the watches, and of course the unique, actor-specific poker chips all evoke the myth of 007 and commemorate the 40-plus successful years of the franchise.

How does the packaging differ from past Bond figures?
Quoc - The Legacy Collection packaging will not have any photos or film-specific text, as seen on Sideshow's past Bond releases. To stick to the theme of this entire collection, the packaging for each figure evokes the clean, classic elegance of the James Bond franchise, with its brushed metal colouring and dark bullet-rifling detail, and the text is the same on each, which pays tribute the franchise as a whole.

There is also a die-cut on the front flap so that each actor's unique poker chip accessory can be viewed without opening the box.


Can you explain how each of the characters costumes was chosen?
Heath - For the costuming on the Legacy Collection Bond figures, we wanted to really get back to the roots of the super spy - that prestigious, upper-scale look for which he's really known. Rather than create scene-specific costumes, we approached the design from a more character-specific viewpoint - we wanted to capture that well-tailored, suave and sophisticated 'Bond' look that each actor pulled off in his own way. The team looked at each movie and really made an effort to choose costumes that evoked that particular actor as Bond: for instance, Sean Connery's white tuxedo and Roger Moore's bowtie.

Above: Oluf W. Hartvigson (Sculptor), Heath Hammond (Sideshow's 3D Development Manager), and Quoc Ha (Sideshow’s Graphic Arts Manager)

Roger Moore ¼ Scale Premium Format Figure

Can you talk us through your product life cycle form start to end and how your involvement has changed since working on earlier 1:4 scale figures?
Oluf - The one thing that has changed though is the amount of work I do on the body. With the Brosnan Premium Format, I did very little work on the body parts that were covered by the clothing. On the Roger Moore Premium Format, I received a rough body (less the portrait, hands and shoes) which was kind of in the pose, and I sectioned it and added more "human form and gesture" to the arms and legs.

The design team wanted a more dynamic pose for Moore, and it seemed appropriate to get more organic with the structure underneath the tux. I send loads of images of my progress throughout the sculpting process so we can discuss concerns and generally have an open dialog, as if they were able to breeze over to my studio and check things out personally.

How did you come to be working on the 1:4 scale Moore?
Oluf - It is always exciting when the Sideshow design team calls and wants to check on interest to sculpt new projects.

When they called about the Bond line again and asked whether I wanted to do the PF Moore, let's just say the ball didn't even bounce once before I jumped on it.

What was the main difference between working on Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore?
Oluf - The biggest difference between the two Premium Format figures that I’ve worked on is that I had sculpted Roger Moore's portrait before for the Bond line of 12-inch figures.

I always enjoy going back to earlier sculpts and having another go at them in a new scale.

Roger Moore starred in seven Bond films, which film does the figure most resemble to you? Which film comes to mind first when you think of Roger Moore?
Oluf - I think the portrait most resembles him in "The Man with the Golden Gun," which happens to be the film that first comes to mind when I think of Roger Moore.

Any other classic Bond figures that you will you be working on in the near future?
I really can't say...such things are top secret!


What do you think of new 007 - Daniel Craig? Would you like to produce a Craig figure?
Oluf - Daniel Craig is brilliant as Bond. "Casino Royale" is by far my favourite Bond film (for now). I would love to get the nod to work on a Daniel Craig figure. The smaller portraits go faster and allow for resolving the likeness faster, so I would hope I could sculpt a 12-inch portrait and perhaps at a later date sculpt a Premium Format figure, if that’s in the cards.

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