The hype machine has begun for the upcoming release of the new James Bond continuation novel "Devil May Care" by Sebastian Faulks...

Devil May Care Hype Begins
23rd February 2008

With less than 100 days until its release, the hype machine has begun for the upcoming release of the new James Bond continuation novel "Devil May Care". On the book's MySpace page, two brief interviews have been published from author Sebastian Faulks and cover art model Tuuli Shipster.

Sebastian Faulks
"It's a very traditional Bond story, it's got all the bits that you like about a Bond adventure and none of the boring bits. So it's got pace, adventure... It has - not one - but two beautiful women.

Ian Fleming loved trains, so there are trains. He loved cars, so there are cars. There is also something I've discovered, a very exotic Cold War era vehicle - I can't really think how better to describe it. And of course the book has high-life and adventure.

I tried to isolate the essential and the most enjoyable aspects of the books. Then I took that pattern and added characters and a story of my own with as much speed and as many twists as I thought the reader could bear.

I developed a prose that is about 80 per cent Fleming. I didn't go the final distance for fear of straying into pastiche, but I strictly observed his rules of chapter and sentence construction.

My novel is meant to stand in the line of Fleming's own books, where the story is everything."

Click here to watch the interview video online (MySpace)


Above: The cover artwork of the first edition hardback, due out May 28th 2008.

Pre-Order Hardback - Amazon UK
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For the cover of Devil May Care, Tuuli Shipster stars as the silhouette of a naked woman forming a stem to a blood red flower. The cover photograph was taken by British photographer and commercials director, Kevin Summers.

Above: The latest "Bond Girl" Tuuli Shipster on the cover of GQ Magazine in Germany.

Tuuli Shipster
"It's so exciting to be picked by Penguin to be the Bond girl on the cover of 'Devil May Care'. When I first heard I was being considered for the job I was over the moon, as I've always wanted to be a Bond girl (who hasn't!).

Before I was finally cast, I went to meet the design team at Partners who showed me a mock-up of the cover to give me an idea of what they were ultimately looking for. It is such a striking image and I was delighted when I finally heard I'd been chosen to be a part of it.

The shoot itself was great although physically quite demanding. In fact, after seeing the pose required, I practiced back bends for a week to make sure I was up to it.

It took a whole day to get the right shot and while we were shooting we listened to the Bond theme compilation CD to help get us in the right mood. In any case, it certainly helped me channel my inner Honey Rider!"