MI6 takes at indepth look at the characters in Double Or Die - the third book in the Young James Bond series by Charlie Higson...

Young Bond: Double Or Die - Characters
18th January 2007

As always, Bond is the centre of attention for the book. With two extraordinary adventures under his belt James is settling down to normal Eton life when the disappearance of a professor strikes him and the boys as being rather odd. It is in James' nature to ask questions and try to get to the bottom of things - so its not unusual to find Bond in the thick of it.

Perry Mandeville
The fact that Perry runs the Danger Society should more than point out that he is a risk taker, which is probably part of the reason why Bond gets on with him so well. Through the early part of the book Perry is obsessed by James' motor, and when he sees one in need of repair he sets his mind on buying it to restore, even though the funding for such an item is out of his reach. Perry is less down to earth than James and he is certainly not cut out for the pace of the adventure that is about to unfold. When all is said and done Perry is a loyal friend, which is something that the young Bond will need to rely on again.

Alexis Fairburn
The staff member who runs Eton's crossword society is a little strange, so it is no wonder that none of his fellow professionals at Eton find it odd that he has disappeared. On the other hand, Bond and the boys always have time and reason to question everything. Although a little hap hazard, Fairburn is an individual who has a great deal of integrity. He is far too honest to be messed up with anything sincere, yet eccentric enough to the point whereby some people see his disappearance as in-character.

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Sir John Charnage
Sir John has known Alexis since their time at Cambridge University. The two have some similarities, however the underlying feel of both characters is quite different. From the first moment that the boys meets Charnage, there is something not quite right about him. There is more to him than meets the eye and Bond latches onto it quickly. Though Alexis is a man of unquestionable integrity, Charnage does not share this characteristic to the same degree. Sir John is a gambler who does not mind breaking the law and betraying people to get what he wants and what he believes is right.

Ludwig & Wolfgang Smith
The Smith brothers have a long history of violence both in the UK and abroad. They are individuals that know only crime and violence and have therefore made their living from both. We meet them early on in the story and their looks make them easy for Bond to spot. When it comes to emotion they are certainly lacking any for their victims; they are ruthless killers who are not afraid to do what is required of them. There is a strange bond between the brothers: where they are more than happy to blame each other for their mishaps, but one is never seen far from the others side. Although they are closely related, their physical appearance differs to the point whereby people would not imagine them to be brothers.

Colonel Sedova (Babushka)
Babushka has a climbed the ladder of power to the rank of Colonel and feels comfortable giving orders to those below her. She has a portly figure and strikes as the cold hard character that most would perceive a Russian officer to be. When John Charnage's time comes she has no problems cutting away the dead wood - ordering the Smith's to do the necessary.

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