On this day in 1908, the creator of James Bond was born. 99 years on, MI6 looks back at the life of Ian Fleming...

Ian Fleming - 99 Years On
28th May 2007

Ian Lancaster Fleming was born on 28th May 1908 in London, England. His father Major Valentine Fleming, a Conservative MP, was killed in the first World War. He was raised through his teenage years by his mother, Evelyn St. Croix Fleming.

In 1929, at the age of 23, Fleming worked as a journalist in Moscow for four years, and later returned to England in 1935 when he took a job as a stock broker in London.

World War II broke out in 1939 and thrust Fleming into the military. When the war ended, Fleming left British Navel Intelligence at the rank of Commander and joined Kemsley Newspapers until 1959.

Fleming's first published novel was a mundane guidebook for foreign correspondents. In 1952 Fleming married Lady Anne Rothmere in Jamaica, and started work on his first James Bond novel in his house "GoldenEye". Casino Royale was published in 1953 and was loosely based on a real life experience Fleming had during the war, where he lost a large some of money gambling in Lisbon during the war...

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Biography Data
Author: Ian Fleming
Published: 1953 to 1966
Novels: 14
Novelisations: 0
Non-Fiction: 2

James Bond Publications
Casino Royale Live And Let Die Moonraker
Diamonds Are Forever From Russia With Love Dr No
Goldfinger For Your Eyes Only Thunderball
The Spy Who Loved Me On Her Majesty's Secret Service You Only Live Twice
The Man With The Golden Gun Octopussy & The Living Daylights Thrilling Cities

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