The future of the literary Bond is in more doubt than ever before, despite a release from Ian Fleming Publications on the matter...

Literary Bond Future In Doubt
27th May 2003

Ian Fleming Publications, renamed from Gildrose after the Fleming estate took sole control, have been inundated with queries from Bond fans about the future of the literary series since Raymond Benson stood down from the role in February 2003.

The publishers issued a statement to subscribers of their newsletter today outlining the current state of affairs.

Statement From IFP

As many of you will know from our news service, Special Agent Raymond Benson is going to be concentrating on new activities in the future. We have been conducting a top-secret review of the way in which the missions of 007 will be reported from now on. Results of that review are, at the present time, classified in order to protect 007 who is currently working undercover. Miss Moneypenny will not, therefore, be responding to any further enquiries on this subject, but we will inform you of new developments as soon as it becomes appropriate to do so.

A number of field operatives have contacted us recently wishing to put themselves forward as candidates for the role of recounting the missions of James Bond in print. Miss Moneypenny would like to thank those operatives for their enquiries, but we will not be accepting any such offers and our policy on unsolicited manuscript material remains unchanged: we always return it unread.

Decoding The Gibberish

MI6 has already received many emails from literary fans bemused as to why Ian Fleming Publications released the news in such a condescending and childish manner. Making matters worse, IFP stated (in-between the patronising phrases) that no news would be released about the new author, or if one will be appointed at all.

The future of the literary series is more doubt than ever before.

Make Your Voice Heard

MI6 has opened a petition for for readers of the Bond books. If you want a new author appointed to continue the literary James Bond series (Fleming, Amis, Gardner, Benson), then simply email your name to:
[email protected]
MI6 will not distribute or use your email address.

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