Author William Boyd has teased the first plot details about his upcoming James Bond continuation novel due out next year...

Back To 1969

2nd December 2012

Author William Boyd has given the first hints to the storyline of his upcoming James Bond continuation novel, announced earlier this year by Ian Fleming Publications.

In a wider interview about his new two-part miniseries television adaptation of his thriller 'Restless', which covers British efforts to sway US opinion in to intervening in World War II, the LA Times got in a couple of questions about his next assignment: agent 007.

You're working on the new James Bond novel. Can you tell us anything about it?

I am being annoyingly tight-lipped. It's 1969 and Bond is 45 years old. This is not the young hotshot spy anymore, this is a man who's maybe not quite as limber or confident as he was in 1953. There's no mountains full of atom bombs or a bubonic plague that will destroy the world. It's an ordinary mission for a middle-aged spy that goes hideously wrong.

Did you get a lot of leeway in terms of the story?

You have total freedom. There's no point in asking somebody like me or ['Devil May Care' author] Sebastian Faulks to write a Bond novel if you then say "You have to do this." There are certain boxes you have to tick, but within those relatively few parameters you're free to invent your own story. That's one reason I went back to read all the novels again. In those novels was a lot of information about Bond and his tastes, his moods, his dark side. So that's what I've really plundered the novels for rather than cars with ejector seats.

"Restless" airs on the Sundance Channel in the USA at 8 p.m on Friday 7th December (Part 1) and Friday 14th December (Part 2).

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