Ian Fleming's debut James Bond novel Casino Royale is to be republished under the Popular Penguin imprint this year...

Casino Royale Popular Penguin
25th April 2009

Ian Fleming's debut James Bond novel "Casino Royale" is to be republished later this year under the Popular Penguin imprint.

He just wanted a decent book to read... So goes the story of Sir Allen Lane (1902–1970), the founder of Penguin Books. Not too much to ask, was it? It was in 1935 when Lane stood on a British railway platform looking for something good to read on his journey. His choice was limited to popular magazines and poor quality paperbacks. Lane's disappointment and subsequent anger at the range of books available led him to found a company – and change the world.

Popular Penguin is a collection of classic novels with a common jacket design, honouring the style of the first paperbacks Penguin ever produced. Its second wave of 50 titles will include "Casino Royale" - the first time 007 has been included in the series.

Bond is sent to a casino in Royal-les-Eaux to disgrace the lethal Russian agent 'Le Chiffre' by ruining him at baccarat and forcing his Soviet spymasters to 'retire' him, but he soon finds that his quarry is not content to go without a fight. Preferring to work alone, 007 is annoyed to be assigned a female assistant, but his compelling attraction to the enigmatic Vesper Lynd only leads him into further danger


Above: Popular Penguin cover art

Pre-Order (Penguin Australia)

Released: 29 June 2009 (Australia)
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192 pages
Price: $9.95 USD
ISBN: 9780141045429

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