MI6 previews a new book that promises to expose the innermost thoughts of Miss Jane Moneypenny, colleague and confidante of James Bond

The Moneypenny Diaries - Preview
4th October 2005

News of "The Moneypenny Diaries" first broke back in May, when MI6 reported that the title was first leaked as "Guardian Angel". Internet rumours about the book have since flip-flopped between it being an unofficial book, to a rogue spin-off title about Miss Moneypenny, to a satirical look at the post-war intelligence community. Ian Fleming Publications recently said that they had given their stamp of approval to the book, but press releases on the book remain confused in order to boost publicity.

The book is due to be published October 10th 2005 by John Murray - part of the Hodder umbrella. Hodder & Stoughton have been the British hardback publisher of 007 continuation authors since John Gardner's "Scorpius" in 1988.

The author Kate Westbrook has since been revealed to be a pen name, although "her" biography on John Murray's website is very similar to Henry Chancellor, author of the forthcoming "James Bond: The Man and His World"

Official Blurb
My heart breaks for James’ – so begins the explosive, true, private diary of Miss Jane Moneypenny, Personal Secretary to Secret Service chief M and colleague and confidante of James Bond. Jane Moneypenny led an extraordinary life. At the heart of British intelligence she had a ringside seat at the political intrigues that shaped world history.

Contrary to popular belief, she was not simply a bystander while James Bond saw all the action. But a life of espionage has personal as well as political ramifications and for her the price was high. Guarding so many secrets and with no one to confide in, she found herself breaking the first rule of espionage. Unbeknownst to anyone, she kept a diary, charting her innermost thoughts and state secrets. It should never have been made public...

About Editor "Kate Westbrook"
Kate Westbrook was born in 1970 and educated at Cambridge and Harvard. She has a doctorate in history, specialising in the emergence of post-colonial political structures. She has worked in Africa and Latin America and is the author of numerous articles, as well as two novels, as yet unpublished. She is a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Above: Book cover art

Data Stream
Hardcover 240 pages
Released: October 10th 2005
Publisher: John Murray
ISBN: 0719567408

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