MI6 World Exclusive - A high quality look at the finalised covers for the newly republished Ian Fleming 007 novels by Penguin Modern Classics...

Ian Fleming Penguin Modern Classics
17th June 2004

MI6 World Exclusive - MI6 has the final cover art for all ten Ian Fleming 007 novels republished by Penguin Modern Classics this month. Since the announcement in March this year, one of the covers has changed from the first previews. The Thunderball jacket has changed from a drunken image of Connery to a more suave bar pose.

Data Stream
Publisher: Penguin Modern Classics
Release Date: June 2004
Price: All books £7.99
Format: Large Crown 8vo 198 X 129 mm
Territories: UK & Commonwealth, including Canada
Rights Holder: Ian Fleming (Glidrose) Publications Ltd.

You can pre-order the new Penguin Modern Classics for only £6.39, a saving of 20% off the list price.


Official Blurb
There can be no more potent figure in post-War British fiction than Ian Fleming's James Bond. For fifty years, for better or worse, he has created a sense of heroism which has shaped (or warped) the male mind to a degree that is impossible to imagine British self-identity without it.

Following the success of its Fleming omnibuses, Penguin Modern Classics are now publishing ten major novels individually, celebrating Fleming's brilliant imagination and a group of books which have kept their panache but to modern readers now also speak volumes about a post-War and increasingly post-Empire country.

Casino Royale (192 pages)

Live And Let Die (240 pages)

Moonraker (256 pages)

Diamonds Are Forever (240 pages)

From Russia with Love (272 pages)

Dr No (240 pages)

Goldfinger (272 pages)

Thunderball (272 pages)

You Only Live Twice (224 pages)

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (272 pages)

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