"The Battle For Bond" is back with a second edition following the legal dispute. Discover the genesis of 007 in the second edition - out today...

Book Preview: The Battle For Bond (2nd Edition)
22nd June 2007

The Battle For Bond - "The Book They Tried To Ban" by Robert Sellers
The first edition of this book was banned by The Ian Fleming Will Trust in a high-profile dispute, covered extensively in the press. But this is a story too important to suppress.

In this year of the Ian Fleming Centenary, the truth has emerged that the screen version of James Bond, which was responsible for immortalising the character was not, in fact, just Fleming’s creation. It was the creation of Jack Whittingham, who was employed by maverick producer Kevin McClory to adapt the character to the big screen. Had this screen character never been developed, James Bond might have been just another minor fictional spy character.

The Battle for Bond is a tale of bitter recriminations, betrayal, multi-million dollar lawsuits and even death. It is the fabled story of Kevin McClory’s 40 year legal battle over the rights to the screen version of James Bond, which he and Whittingham had created. In 1963, Ian Fleming stood in a British court accused of plagiarism. The Battle for Bond is the most important book ever written on James Bond!

“How Ian Fleming would have hated to know that this book had been censored. Ian hated censorship and, as an author, he would have deplored the steps that have been taken in his name. As a gentleman he would have felt that harassing a fellow author to be the ultimate demonstration of bad taste."
-- Len Deighton


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"This has all the intrigue of a first-rate espionage thriller, complete with twists, turns, betrayals and double-dealings. A superb piece of research immachulately presented, its revelations will leave Bond fans awestruck! A brillian page-turner with all the qualities of a thriller, this is easily the best film book published this year."
-- Film Review

About The Author
Robert Sellers is the author of several entertainment books including biographies on Sean Connery, Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise. He was also the author of ‘Very Naughty Boys’ the history of George Harrison/Monty Python’s HandMade Films, a book Empire magazine called, ‘essential reading.’

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