You know their name. You never knew their number. A new feature-length documentary follows the lives of real men around the world who are named James Bond.

The Other Fellow - Preview

14th December 2012

The Other Fellow is a feature documentary that follows the lives of real men around the world who are named James Bond. The title comes from George Lazenby's famous first line in On Her Majesties Secret Service (1969) where after being abandoned by that film’s Bond girl he remarks to camera - "This never happened to the other fellow" - in reference to his more famous predecessor Sean Connery. For the Bond's in The Other Fellow this seemed a most appropriate reference.

  • In Colorado we meet Jaroslaw Przygodzinski: a truck driver, helicopter pilot and Polish immigrant. In response to his new American wife’s struggles with her acquired surname, Jaroslaw changed his name to “something easier”- James Bond.
  • In Texas we meet James Bond, whose famous namesake caused havoc during his days working within top secret government facilities. *spoiler alert* His 8 year old son, father and 87 year old grandfather may also be James Bond..
  • In Toronto we join Canada’s most prominent gay lawyer, James Bond, for the birth of twins he has fathered to a local lesbian couple. Coming out is hard enough, what happens when everyone thinks you’re James Bond?
  • In Wyoming we encounter New York native James Bond whilst he is directing a local theatre production. James calls the name the “bane of his existence” and has lived many of its ups and downs - from being on the David Letterman show reading the “10 Best things about being named James Bond” top ten list to being “nine pages down on Google”.
  • In the Caribbean we tell the story of “notorious” opposition member James Bond, whose 2012 bid to become President of Guyana resulted in him being shot by the local police forces - "that was the punchline in Guyana.. the Guyana police force has done what the KGB, the Russians, the Germans and everyone else was trying to do for years - shoot James Bond".
  • There is a final James Bond still to be shot in Manchester, UK. For legal reasons his identity is being kept top secret but we can say – immigrant, youth, former cage-fighter, modern Britain, trouble.

Shot deliberately in the lead-up and aftermath of Skyfall and the 50th Anniversary of the James Bond film series, the Bond’s weave an intriguing account of what it’s like to life in the shadow of the world’s most famous secret agent.

About The Film
In early 2012 director and viral video maker Matthew Bowyer embarked on a surreal journey. Interested in producing a Youtube video about a real person called James Bond experiencing the release of Skyfall he jumped on Facebook, Google and Linkedin one evening and contacted hundreds of real James Bond’s from around the world.

The next morning he awoke to find his inboxes flooded with messages from James Bond, James Bond, James Bond and so on. Bond’s who had a litany of Seinfeld-ian nightmares to share about the day-to-day life of being James Bond from airport security to nosey waiters to being banned by Facebook and impossible to find on Google. Bond’s who had enjoyed and taken advantage of the name. And most importantly men who had experienced crazy adventures more befitting of their famous alter ego from being apprehended by homeland security to being shot by the police for being James Bond.

It didn’t take long to realise that one Bond was not enough and a few months later a small crew departed from Australia to travel the globe and tell their stories.

The result is The Other Fellow.


You can follow the film's progress on The Other Fellow's Facebook page.

Director: Matthew Bowyer
Director of Photography: Kiran Chitanvis
Producers: Matthew Bowyer and Gerald Crump Jr.
Visual Effects Superviso:r Alexander Rahr
Executive Producers: Jasper Knight and Julian Meagher
Sound Design and Music Editing: Hassan Lahrech, The Sound Cell Pte Ltd
Music by Ash Moses and Michael Warren

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