MI6 unravels the mystery of the James Bond girls and discovers the who the Fan Favourite Bond Girl is...

Bond Girls By The Numbers
21st September 2006

Throughout the twenty films to date, Bond has romanced many of the lovely ladies of the cinema... But is there a trend? Does 007 have his wicked way with any passing beauty? With the help of a fan-survey and a few statistics, MI6 unravels the mystery of the girls in James Bond's world.

Fan Favourite
The results are in from the second MI6 "Fan Favorite" opinion poll.

The cards were slightly stacked in 007's favor this time, with over 80% of our voters being male but, never the less, who came out on top of the Bond girl polls?


The Results

MI6 found an outright winner in Tracy di Vincenzo (aka Mrs Bond), who stole the hearts of Bond fans, clinching 39% of the vote.

The Best of the Best
1st - Tracy, portrayed by Dianna Rigg in On Her Majesties Secret Service, was charming, sophisticated and beautiful - so much so she clinched the majority of fan's votes.

2nd - In a close second place was the enticing, yet innocent, Russian agent, Tatiana Romanova, who crosses paths with James Bond in the aptly named From Russia With Love.

3nd - And finally... in third equal place, with 7% of the vote, are Honey Ryder (the first and perhaps most iconic Bond girl from Dr No), Elektra King (the wicked villainess from The World Is Not Enough), and Natalya Simonova (the beautiful and bold Russian computer programmer from GoldenEye).

Right: Dianna Rigg from 1969's "O.H.M.S.S"

  Tracy Bond - Fan Favourite Bond Girl

Bottom of the Chart
Jinx - Halle Berry's macho Jinx from Die Another Day was confirmed the worst Bond girl, when fans voted "Bond's female equal" a resounding 34% of the vote... against.


Mayday - Grace Jones's henchwoman, who eventually turns to Bond's side in A View to a Kill, has been given the shove by Bond fans, when 15% of them voted against her.

Christmas Jones / Rosie Carver - Denise Richards' nuclear scientist from The World Is Not Enough and Gloria Hendry's character from Live And Let Die tied close to the bottom with 12% of the vote against.

The Voters

  • Over 80% of voter turn-out were male.
  • 41% of the voters were in their teens.
  • 39% of the voters were aged 21 to 30
  • The thirty-something's accounted for 7% of the vote.
  • And a slim 5% were over 40!

Left: Halle Berry's "Jinx" was voted all-time worst Bond girl by Bond fans.

The Results In Full

Above: The results of the Fan Favourite Poll are collated and graphed (click to enlarge).

Stat Attack
Age - Many a Bond fan knows that 007 has never been too picky, and always willingly puts himself on the line for the sake of the mission. But does age matter to Bond?

Zena Marshall, who portrayed the double-crossing Miss Taro in Dr. No, was the oldest of the Bond ladies: 37 years of age, in 1962.

With a quick bit of calculation, the average Bond girl actress age throughout the series was 27. Not bad for an agent in his "late forties".

An honorable mention should go to Lynn-Holly Johnson and her character Bibi Dahl - who Roger Moore's Bond rejected in 1981 with the infamous line "put your clothes on and I'll buy you an ice-cream." Johnson was 23 at the time of shooting For Your Eyes Only.

Above: Bond girl ages (click to enlarge)


A globetrotter at the expense of the British government, Bond comes across wonderful girls from all over the world. From the Americas to Europe and Asia, is there nowhere left untouched by 007?

Bond has successfully romanced women from 15 countries. However, Agent 007 prefers to remain close to home, with the majority (28%) of his lovers being of British nationality.

Left: Bond girl nationalities collated and graphed (click to enlarge).

Sex Appeal - Who's to judge? Perhaps none better than FHM and its readers, who annually poll and rank the sex appeal of the world's celebrities. As of the 2006 poll, 11 of Bond's beauties have made it to the FHM top 100! The most popular of which is Die Another Day's Halle Berry, ranking #1 in both the US and UK in 2003.

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