Rachel Grant, who played Peaceful Fountains of Desire in "Die Another Day", is about to launch her music career...

Rachel Grant`s Debut Single
5th February 2003

Rachel Grant will now be known to many Bond fans as Peaceful Fountains of Desire, the Chinese agent posing as a masseuse in "Die Another Day", but the actress is about to branch away from the world of cinema.

Her debut single which will launch Rachel Grant into her music career is called "Paradise Inferno" and is due for release any time now - and you may be hearing it in a club near you even sooner.

Grant teamed up with record producer Ian Bowman to create the dance track to compliment her "soft, sexy, dulcet tones".

The single will feature remixes by in-vogue "King Britt" and US producer DJ Dozia. Another bonus track features a house remix by "One Dark Martian".

As well as her role in Die Another Day, the former Miss Great Britain has also appeared in the TV series "Masters of Combat" and as host of Sci-Fright on the Sci-Fi channel.

Her follow up single is due to be released in May.

Click here to listen to a sneak peak of "Paradise Inferno"


Image courtesy KarmaGiraffe