James Bond's original tailor is back as Anthony Sinclair re-launches its bespoke tailoring service...

Anthony Sinclair Re-Launches

5th March 2012

British tailoring firm Anthony Sinclair has re-launched its bespoke tailoring service, reviving the founder's signature philosophy to produce elegant, understated and timeless clothing for a new generation of modern men. Best known for creating the iconic Conduit Cut, made famous by Sean Connery in the original James Bond films, the re-launch comes just in time for this year’s Golden Anniversary celebrations of the film franchise.

It was in the late 1950s from his shop on Conduit Street in Mayfair that Sinclair created the classic, pared down shape, which became known as the Conduit Cut. Terence Young, the director of Dr. No, had been a client of Sinclair and turned to him to oversee the creation of Bond’s suave and classic style. Under the influence of Ian Fleming, the author and creator of James Bond, Sinclair broke away from Britain’s customary heavy materials and used lightweight fabrics tailored with a soft but durable construction. Sean Connery adopted the look and wore Sinclair suits for all of his appearances as James Bond.

Left: A new conduit cut suit by Anthony Sinclair
Right: Sean Connery is measured up for his James Bond suits (Photo: Harry Myers / Rex Features)

The Conduit Cut became a landmark in the history of Savile Row tailoring and is as fresh today as it was when 007 first stepped onto the screen in 1962. The production of genuine bespoke hand-tailored clothing remains the core activity of the company which operates from its new premises at 6 Sackville Street, London under the creative control of British designer David Mason.

Describing their unique approach and process, Mason explains: “The bespoke tailoring service involves a series of fittings and at least 50 hours of hand tailoring to take the garment through successive stages of production, allowing the client to witness the true bespoke experience of having his clothes built around him. As an alternative to bespoke production, we have developed a Special Order system. Giving our clients the opportunity to acquire individually made clothing based upon the classic Conduit Cut in an infinite choice of cloths, linings, styles and details.”

Anthony Sinclair appointments can be made at 6 Sackville Street or by calling 0207 4377 007. A range of neckties will also be available to buy online from March at www.anthonysinclair.com. Prices start from £2,950+VAT for a bespoke two-piece suit and £625+VAT for a special order two-piece.

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