Bond films have often recycled scenes or ideas that did not make the transition from script to screen in a previous film. MI6 uncovers the Ice Yacht's path from "The Living Daylights" to "Die Another Day"...

"The Living Daylights" Missing Ice Yacht
16th March 2003

In "Die Another Day", Bond escapes the Gustav Graves' palace in Iceland by speeding away in an Ice Dragster, before ultimately plunging off a glacier when chased by the deadly Icarus beam. Although this is the first time Bond is seen on screen in an ice lake vehicle, it was originally planned for Timothy Dalton back in 1987's "The Living Daylights".

Before Aston Martin came onboard "The Living Daylights" and offered their car for the film, the draft of the ice lake chase scene originally had Bond and Kara fleeing the snow guards in a racing Ice Yacht.

Pulling the sails, Bond accelerates the yacht to full speed across the frozen surface while the police cars skid after them.

In a stunt similar to that in the finished film, Bond jumps the ice yacht over a 45 degree slope over the watching guards. The mast of the yacht snaps off as Bond and Kara land hard and are hurtled downhill into the pine forest.

Above: A modern day racing Ice Yacht


Bond loses control as outboard rudders and rigging are torn off by the trees. Eventually the craft comes to a sudden halt as they crash into a pile of boulders.

With the police and snow guards still chasing them, Bond and Kara start to ski down the rest of the slope in the cello case, and the story weaves back in to that of the film we know today.

Left: Originally created for transporting goods in the 1600's, Ice Yachts are now raced as a popular sport on the Great Lakes.

The sequence was altered as Aston Martin offered the product placement of their Volante model - winterised by Q-Branch. To give the car the capability to perform the same as the Ice Yacht, Q-Branch added outriggers and a jet-booster to the Volante, and the the Ice Yacht was cut from the shooting script.

Purvis & Wade recycled the Ice Yacht idea into the story of "Die Another Day" by removing the traditional sail and replacing it with jet engines. Specially constructed for the production, the craft and became the first Ice Dragster in the world.