Timeline - Tomorrow Never Dies

11th January 1996 - Kevin McClory is still attracting attention with a press advert announcing "Warhead 2000 AD", set to rival James Bond 18, but without studio backing or a creative team.

27th June 1996 - Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli, long time producer of the James Bond films, passes away at his home in Beverly Hills.

16th September 1996 - Roger Spottiswoode is announced as the director of the 18th James Bond adventure.

18th December 1996 - First title rumours emerge; Bond 18 could be titled "Shamelady".

18th January 1997 - The second unit are already busy; Vic Armstrong heads up his team in the French Pyrenees to begin working on the Bond 18 pre-title sequence until the end of February. The location doubles for the mountainous Afghanistan.

23rd January 1997 - Michelle Yeoh is announced as the latest in the long line of James Bond's leading ladies.


26th January 1997 - James Bond confirms his film partnership with German automobile makers, BMW. Presses speculate on a promotional deal worth over $40 million.

3rd February 1997 - British actor Jonathan Pryce is introduced to the world as Elliott Carver, a global media baron.


7th February 1997 - Pierce Brosnan, on a late night TV appearance, lets slip that the production schedule plans to shoot Bond 18 in Spain, Seville and Vietnam.

10 March 1997 - Bond's licence to shoot in Vietnam is revoked after politics interrupts location scouting. Eon Productions turns to Taiwan to double as Vietnam and China.

11th March 1997 - Variety announces Bond 18 will be named "Tomorrow Never Dies"

25th March 1997 - Desmond Llewelyn joins Pierce Brosnan in Hamburg Airport, where he is on route to a "Dante's Peak" press conference, to capture the beginning of Q's famous briefing.

1st April 1997 - Roger Spottiswoode officially rolls cameras on the Tomorrow Never Dies first unit.

19th April 1997 - Dench and Brosnan shoot the 'on-the-run' briefing scene; racing along London's streets in a limo.

21st April 1997 - Teri Hatcher is given the role of James Bond's ex-lover Paris.

25th April 1996 - The press gets wind of a feud between GoldenEye scriptwriter, Bruce Feirstein, and the producers. It is revealed that Feirstein stood down from the project shortly before director Spottiswoode brought on Nicholas Meyer to pen the second draft. Feirstein did eventually return to the production to claim the sole credit and the final polish.

2nd May 1997 - Bond's PR people work hard to convince the public that despite pregnant, Teri Hatcher will be the most alluring girl to date.

14th May 1997 - Pierce Brosnan and Teri Hatcher perform their fiery love sequence at rooms in the Stoke Poges Golf Club.

16th May 1997 - Brosnan announces at the mid-production press conference in Bangkok, Thailand that the location experience is "very colourful and very hot."

21st May 1997 - Stunt performers take a leap of faith as they double for Bond and Wai Lin in the Carver office escape sequence.

11th June 1997 - Bond girls battle for press attention as Teri Hatcher's prior fame sees her making headlining. On this day, however, Michelle Yeoh makes the top story on Access Hollywood.

13th June 1997 - Ericsson signs on to a product placement deal to supply 007's cell phone.


16th June 1997 - Sheryl Crow is set to work with David Arnold to perform the Tomorrow Never Dies theme.

17th June 1997 - James Bond's most gadget-laden vehicle yet, the BMW 750iL, is presented to the world's media by Vic Armstrong.

4th July 1997 - The second unit work at Eon Studios to shoot the daring bike jump in BMW's R1200 C.


17th July 1997 - Pierce Brosnan is injured by a stuntman's helmet when shooting a grueling fight sequence and is rushed to hospital for 8 stitches on his lip.

16th August 1997 - The first unit work at Pinewood's 007 sound stage, rushing to complete the stealth-boat sequence and keep the film on track.

13th September 1997 - Production wraps on Tomorrow Never Dies. By all accounts the shoot was the most grueling and tension strung in many years.

1st November 1997 - Pierce Brosnan promotes Bond on the front page of Cigar Aficionado, despite the "filthy habit" quip in the new Bond picture.

10th November 1997 - Pierce Brosnan stars in the first of several Visa commercials as the famous secret agent in a bid to promote the upcoming Christmas release.

25th November 1997 - David Arnold's debut Bond soundtrack is released on CD

2nd December 1997 - Raymond Benson's novelization of the Tomorrow Never Dies story goes on sale.

9th December 1997 - The Odeon in Leicester Square plays host to the charity premiere of Tomorrow Never Dies.

19th December 1997 - Tomorrow Never Dies premieres in America, Canada, Germany and Russia.

30th December 1997 - Bond survives against "Titanic" at the global box-office, raking in over $70 million in less than 3 weeks of release.

10th June 1998 - Pierce Brosnan wins the best actor award at the Saturn Awards.

13th October 1999 - Tomorrow Never Dies makes its UK TV premiere on ITV.

16th November 1999 - EA releases their 3rd Person Shooter game for PlayStation based on the 18th James Bond outing.