So you think you are a good driver? MI6 trains its secret agents to the highest calibre, in both offensive and defensive driving techniques. You may have a licence to kill, but not to break the traffic laws...

How To Drive Like James Bond
16th December 2002


Make a 180 Degree Turn
Pull up hard on the hand-brake to lock the back wheels. As the car begins to skid, steer a 1/4 turn in to the skid. The car will spin, and as you hit 180 degrees, hit the accelerator and drop the handbrake.

Smash A Market Stall/Perrier Display/Glass Fronted Shop/Pontoon
The key to this technique is to hit the desired target with the back of the car, rather than head first. This will allow you to destroy the stationary structure - and get away.

Approach the structure as if to pass it, and use the "180 Degree Turn" technique, and pull up the the handbrake when the front of the car is 8 feet away from the target. Turn away from the structure in the skid to allow the back end of the car to smash through it, leaving you free to escape in the direction you came from.


Drive On Two Wheels
Inflate the vehicles tyres to 80 psi. You will need to find a suitable small ramp to perform this manoeuvre (delivery trucks, market stalls and sloping concrete walls work well). Always slide the car to the side-on which you are driving, with the passenger side in the air. After the car tilts off the ramp, keep moving the steering wheel back and forth with the car on the sidewall of its tyres in order to keep it upright.


Jump A Curb
The best way to practice this technique is with a small hidden ramp. However, in the field - where this isn't possible - attack the curb at a 45 degree angle at a reasonable speed and the car should hop over the curb and onto the pavement in one piece.

Warning: Driving head on into a curb is likely to puncture both front tyres, and anger Q.

Jump Into A Moving Car - Through The Window
Agent 007 carelessly performs this stunt headfirst. The recommended MI6 technique is to run at the moving vehicle and use one arm to grasp the window column, jumping in with both feet first. As your feet leave the ground, tilt your head back and your momentum will naturally carry you inside the vehicle unscathed.