Single player campaign walkthrough guide now online for the Siberia chapter of "James Bond 007: Blood Stone"...

"Blood Stone" Strategy Guide (3)

3rd January 2011

Exit the trailer and equip your Smartphone to discover Pomerov’s car. Analyze it in order to trigger the car alarm. Look rearward – an entrance opened; proceed. Ascend the left-side staircase and enter the building to find yourself in the headquarters of Pomerov Industries. Proceed down the left-side corridor located at the far end and analyze the Computer Room security system (ground level’s leftmost door). After opening the door, proceed down the stairs and execute a stealth takedown on the sentry. Proceed to the hallway’s end and take cover behind the corner. You’ll find two guards and a security camera. Attract the guards’ attention (bringing them out of camera range) and eliminate them. Scan the camera with your Smartphone in order to disable it. Proceed to the corridor’s end and attempt to use the mainframe computer (use Smartphone to identify). Return to the ground level.

After exiting the double doors, proceed upstairs to the bar and use your Smartphone to identify Pomerov’s glass. Scan the glass to receive Pomerov’s fingerprints. Return downstairs and enter the rearward double doors to find yourself in a theater. Analyze the theater to receive Pomerov’s voice sample. Exit the theater and enter the double doors directly in front of you to emerge outside. Eliminate the guards and ascend the left-side staircase. Follow the path to find descending stairs, turn rearward, and enter the room slightly left of your position. Use the computer and prepare for a fight.

Guards will enter from the two open doorways. Hide behind an obstruction and eliminate them as they arrive, while occasionally advancing toward a group of dead enemies for ammunition. When Tanner prompts you, access the computer again. When the cinematic ends, toxic gas is being pumped in. Look toward the left-side recently closed door for a ladder. Ascend the ladder, advance right, and ascend another ladder. Shimmy right, drop down, and jump. Vault over, jump, and your escape (opening double doors) will present itself. Follow the path to a mainframe room. Fight to the opposite end of the room, where the exit will present itself as a waypoint.

Proceed along the path and you’ll find enemies emerge from a set of double doors. After eliminating everyone, proceed through the double doors opposite of the door the enemies emerged from. Execute a stealth takedown on the sentry. Follow the straightforward path until you find yourself in a room where scientists flee upon your presence. Proceed to the center console and use the laptop.

After Tanner’s dialogue, proceed through the newly opened set of double doors and follow the path to outside. Follow the walkway, which leads directly to a value. Turn the value and proceed rightward to continue along the path. As you continue along the path, you’ll find yourself in the control room where you initially attempted to destroy the refinery – enter the double doors opposite you to continue along the path. You’ll soon find yourself in a cold room. Take cover and eliminate enemies (use Smartphone to locate, if needed). The exit is northeast of the entrance (upper-right corner). You’ll be on the path, but will find yourself in another cold room shortly – the exit is adjacent to you, on the opposite end. Follow the path and ascend a ladder to find the coolant system – turn the value to corrupt it. Proceed through the door and follow the path. Be especially wary of the last guard (who emerges through a set of double doors wielding a shotgun). When you arrive at the window, jump through. Look right and continue forward to find yourself in the control room – use the laptop to trigger the refinery meltdown.

Eliminate the guards and proceed through the entrance they emerged from. Follow the path to emerge outside. After emerging outside, obtain the AK-74 and prepare for a large and lengthy battle. Follow the path and take cover behind the railing immediately before the ramp (leading to ground and many, many enemies). Fight until Nicole emerges – when she does, fight to the open corridor, leading to the automobile, which leads to a driving sequence.

Execute a stealth takedown on the advancing guard and eliminate the others. Make your way to the opposite side of the ship, where you’ll find a right-side ladder. Descend and proceed left to the open entrance. Follow the path to a console with a lever, which opens the cargo bay doors – do so and fight to the open doors. You’ll find corridors on both sides which lead to additional consoles with levers to release the mechanisms holding the tanks. Release the left-side tank, then the right. Release the tanks and return to the topmost deck. Advance left to the turret (use your Smartphone to identify it) and destroy the missiles and enemy hovercraft engines.

After destroying the engines, Bond exits the turret. Advance rightward to the descending ladder and jump to the other ship. Advance from the wing to the hull and advance rightward across the platforms to the open doorway. From there, follow the path upward to the cockpit to confront Pomerov. When you confront him, shoot the red rectangular box next to Makarov to kill him.

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