Single player campaign walkthrough guide now online for the Epilogue chapter of "James Bond 007: Blood Stone"...

"Blood Stone" Strategy Guide (6)

29th January 2011

Monaco: Epilogue
When Nicole receives Rak's knife unexpectedly, she know's Bond has her number. Pursue Nicole’s car (preferably within 100 meters) until you reach the bridge. Attempt to be within 30 meters before you reach the bridge.

From there, you must damage Nicole’s car sufficiently to force her to stop. The easiest method is to stay parallel while forcing her car against the bridge railing in order to damage Nicole, while being careful to avoid damage yourself.

Five A Day - Achievement Guide
Destroy 5 different fruit bowls in a day (real time)
Throughout the game, there are bowls of fruit (which look like red baskets with green apples in them) within the environment. Find and shoot five different fruit bowls. You must find and shoot the five bowls within a real-time 24 hour period to earn the trophy. You may utilize the chapter select/save and quit features without impeding your progress.

"Prologue - Change of Plans"
After taking out the first two guards of the chapter, check the table on the deck of the yacht, before you climb down the ladder.

After the boat chase, make your way past the enemies and into the building. When you reach the pool area, check the table on the right hand side, before crossing the bridge.

"Your Basic Russian Oligarch..."
Once you pass a barrel storage room, you will come to a gate to the next area. Follow the walkway to the left (you will hear two guards talking about a "smoke break") to reach a utility room. Check the table inside the room.

In the last room of the chapter, just before you reach Nicole's car, there will be a large firefight with several gunmen in the museum room. After taking care of the enemies, check the table on the right hand side of the room.

"Old Friends, New Enemies"
Toward the end of the chapter, you will have to use a switch to open an automated gate. After passing the gate, you will come to an alley with several gunmen. Kill them all, then look for the fruit bowl to the right of the blue truck, in front of the soda machine and the garbage can.

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