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James Bond 007: A Silent Armageddon #2 Review
2nd August 2005

The Story
After the establishing work in issue one, part two 'DEFCON: 3' feels weak and there is little character development. Bond is almost not involved in the story, but he is in the middle of the action at the cliff hanger gun battle which ends this issue.

The story opens with a monologue from computer hacker Eddie, as the cells re-establish new and old characters and locations. Titled DEFCON 3, issue two begins with villain Mr Lefleur arriving at Orpheus. Strained words are exchanged between henchman Erik and Mr Lefleur due to their earlier failure. Mr Lefleur inspects Orpheus and its high-tech gaming facility. Two leaders of the criminal factions review and plan a new strategy to access the establish “Opti-net” by attempting to gain control of the worm.

The story shifts to Bond and M in Oxford discussing his babysitting duties. Bond has failed to learn anything from Terri, so M suggest they recruit the help of Professor Jessica Penrose, who has worked with Terri in the past. Miss Penrose meets with Terri to discuss what has happened to her. Jessica has brought Terri a set of high tech leg supports to aid Terri’s mobility.

That evening, Bond continues to learn information about Terri, whilst entertaining Jessica. The following day Bond returns to confront a frightened Terri with the cold facts of what has happened to her deceased friends.

Above: Front cover

Terri enters her computer program to explain its design to government technicians and it's workings of Omega - a worm. Kiel Klebb and fellow henchmen learn of Terri’s location in New York and plan to kidnap her to learn about Omega.

As Terri continues to explain and worm to the computer technicians, she releases that somebody has betrayed her as the building security informs her of a breach.

Cerberus attacks the building leaving a trail of destruction. The tables are turned on Bond very quickly as Professor Penrose shows her true alliance to Klebb and kidnaps Terri leaving Bond in the gun sights of Klebb. Due to this series being cancelled prematurely its unclear how Jowett planned to continue the story.

Above: Cell from A Silent Armageddon Part 2

The Cover
Busy with many influences established in issue one, and expanded and explored upon in issue two, a blonde lady is seductively holding Bond while he holds a raised oversized silenced revolver. The henchman established in issue one appears outstretched holding a machine gun in the lower opposite corner to Bond. Terri the computer prodigy is behind henchman Klebb and appears to be in a praying position. A CD-Rom and word Omega are oriented behind the characters, representing the technology in this story arc. The layout uses the standard Dark Horse style, which had been previously established for the Bond comic range.

Burns' second issue further defines his characters and environment. The opening monologue marries up to the images perfectly with their wide scope. Burns' computer concept is expanded upon from the initial concept. The backgrounds are rich with detail and a range of tones, though some cells are stronger in complexity and detail. Layout of the cells and spreads has been masterfully pulled off, with each cell carrying nicely into the next. The spreads are small but well integrated into the overall issue structure.

Dialogue in comics is short and carefully constructed to fit with such a small canvas to tell the story on, and dialogue here keeps the story moving and is tight, sharply delivered by the characters. The opening monologue could have been a little more detailed to issue one to tighten up the flow.

Above: Cell from A Silent Armageddon Part 2

Best Line
"Mister Bond... and I have unfinished business"

MI6 Briefing
Title: James Bond 007: A Silent Armageddon #2
Publisher: Acme Comics LTD, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications LTD
Released: Issue #2 - 1st May 1993
Writer: Simon Jowett
Artist: John M. Burns
Cover: John M. Burns
Letters: Ellie de Ville
Editors: Dick Hansom, Jerry Prosser


Data Stream (Issue #2)

Villain: Mr Lefleur, Tamao, Miss Gibson, Eddie Byle, Erik Klebb
Plot: Bond must baby sit a computer genius and learn the secrets of her latest development before Cerberus can attempt as second kidnapping.
Bond Girls: Professor Jessica Penrose
Allies: Terri Li, M, Moneypenny
Locations: London, UK; New York, USA

Left: Cell from A Silent Armageddon Part 2

MI6 Rating

Images courtesy Dark Horse Comics.

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