Diamonds Are Forever

Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 10th August 1959 to
30th January 1960
Serial: #0340 to #0487
Artist: John McLusky
Writer: Ian Fleming, Henry Gammidge

Data Stream
Villains: Spangled Mob (Jack & Seraffimo Spang), Mr Winter ("Windy" Wint), Mr Kitteridge (Kidd), McGonigle, Frasso, Rufus B. Saye (ABC), Shady Tree, Peter Franks, Lame-Brain Pissaro, Rosy Budd
Bond Girls: Tiffany Case
Allies: Felix Leiter, Ernie Cureo, Tingaling Bell, M, 2804
Locations: London, UK; Sierra Leone, West Africa; New York, USA; Paris, France; Idlewild Airport, USA; Saratoga Springs, USA; Las Vegas, USA; Spectreville

Above: James Bond meets Tiffany Case for the first time. She was not dressed for the occasion.

Capsule Synopsis
Bond’s assignment is to infiltrate a diamond smuggling operation, which is running from Africa to America, and identify the gangsters behind it. Once there, he discovers the American gangs are more efficient and ruthless than he had expected.

Above: The opening panel of "Diamonds Are Forever"

Source To Strip
Henry Gammidge had a longer run with "Diamonds Are Forever" compared to his first two outings, so almost all of Fleming's story remains intact, with a lot more character interaction and back story featured in the strips. Gammidge also tidied up Fleming's only weakness in the Bond novels - American dialect. In the strip version, the gangster's speech is more authentic for the setting and period.

Above: Diamonds are forever, but the Spang brother's smuggling operation was not.

McLusky's artwork during the extensive travelogue in this adventure is second to none, with his use of photographic sources giving the cells a strong foundation in reality. As with the novel, there is a strong sense of the American setting, with New York and Las Vegas immediately recognisable. McLusky's characterisations are improved again, although if it was not for her semi-nudity upon her introduction, Tiffany Case would be somewhat forgettable.

The train chase sequence is one of McLusky's finest action sequences, and the night setting provides and imposing atmosphere - for both the Spectreville showdown and subsequent escape scenes.

Diamonds Are Forever set a new level for graphic violence in the series, with McLusky and Gammidge making a brave move and including a lot of the beatings and killings, rather that their previous "off page" approach. The strip also features one of the highest body counts in the series.

Above: The central cell showing Bond firing is one of the most iconic moments from the series.

Best Lines
Spang: "Well, Mister Whosis, this looks like a good year for something horrible to happen to you."

Felix Leiter: "You know what they say: nothing propinks like propinquity"

Spectreville, the location of the Spangled Mob's ghost town base, was the first of many incarnations of the SPECTRE name that Fleming used up until Blofeld's first appearance.

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