Double Jeopardy

Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 21st April 1971 to
28th August 1971
Serial: #1597 to #1708
Artist: Yaroslav Horak
Writer: Jim Lawrence

Data Stream
Villains: Pujar (SPETRE agent), Mister K (AKA Fritz Kumura), Tatianu
Bond Girls: Lalla Sadub, Lady Cynthia Winter
Allies: Hassan Murad, Bill Tanner, M, Moneypenny
Locations: New York, USA; London, UK; France; Marrakech, Morocco; Essaouira, Morocco; Berlin, Germany

Above: Bond's briefcase packs quite a punch - with a concealed pistol triggered by the handle!

Capsule Synopsis
James Bond is sent on detective duty when paintings appear to have been stolen from the Manhattan Museum of Art by its director – who is then found dead. A top Ministry of Defence official also kills himself, covering up his wife’s spying following her blackmail by a look-alike. In France, the head of a major chemical company seems to steal his own trade secrets is then killed, but 007 catches the perpetrator when he attempts to sell the valuable information.

When Bond questions the MoD officer’s wife for a description of her blackmailer, Bill Tanner recognises an agent of SPECTRE, but M sends 007 off on a separate mission in China to eliminate the Red’s top assassin.

Above: The opening panel of "Double Jeopardy "

Above: Bond plays possum and sneak a 'kiss' from Lalla Sadub, an Algerian who 007 takes a fancy to.

Source To Strip
Jim Lawrence crafts another original adventure that really has little to do with the 00-section's routine assignments, and is based around straight-forward detective work. The use of body doubles is seen here for the first time, and would be revisited as a plot device in the "Diamonds Are Foever" - also released in 1971. Continuation author Raymond Benson also used the plot idea in his 2000 novel "Doubleshot". Of the Fleming elements, sadism has good presence in this story, with Bond's leg broken in cold blood whilst he's unconscious, and Bond deliberately allowing the villain's villa to explode whilst they are laid out.

Artist Yaroslav Horak is in fine form as usual, with a sweeping series of vistas encompassing several distinct locales all crammed within a few strips. The Bond girl is slightly forgettable though, and the 'T&A' quota is somewhat below par. With so many different nationalities in just few cells, Horak does an admiral job at making characters instantly identifiable, and Bond's ally Hassan Murad is especially well defined.

Best Line
Hassan Murad: "Your lucky number 7 is famous my dear chap! I'm Hassan Murad - known to M as 'our man in Morocco'"

Bill Tanner gets a field trip to assist Bond at the start of the adventure in France. Bond has another favourite poet in this strip, 'old Robert Louis'.

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