Die With My Boots On

Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 1st March 1973 to
18th June 1973
Serial: #2173 to #2256
Artist: Yaroslav Horak
Writer: Jim Lawrence

Data Stream
Villains: Benny 'The Barber' Pignelli, Mr Sforza, Ruvik
Bond Girls: Voyle, Posy Lee
Allies: Smoky Turpin, Nick Morgan (unseen), Dr John Gee (unseen)
Locations: New York City, USA; Helmsford, New York State, USA

Above: Bond rescues the supposed girlfriend of a murdered British agent at the beginning of the adventure, who as per the M.O. of artist Yaroslav Horak, has been stripped to her bra and panties by her captors.

A revolutionary drug developed in Britain by a Hong Kong scientist is aimed at eliminating all pain, but is open to abuse as a recreational drug. The American Mafia have plans to get their hands on the formula to Nopane and control the underground market, but internal fighting between the New York, Chicago and Californian factions is rife. James Bond is sent to track down Posy Lee, the missing niece of the scientist who developed the wonder drug.

Above: The opening panel of "Die With My Boots On"

With the assistance of former Royal Navy sailor Smoky Turpin, 007 first rescues Voyle, the girlfriend of murdered British agent Nick Moran who preceded 007 in the mission. She leads the duo to upstate New York, where Bond rescues Posy from the grasp of Mafia boss Benny 'The Barber' Pignelli - who he dispatches with a zip gun hidden in his shoe. Bond discovers Voyle was one of Pignelli's girls, and has been leading him astray throughout. Posy Lee gets her revenge on her kidnapping by knocking Voyle out, while Bond sends his car crashing through the front of the Mafia HQ - taking out the remaining goons.

Above: Voyle tries one last time to keep on Bond's good side despite his discovery that she works for Pignelli. Little-seen Posy Lee gets the last laugh.

Source To Strip
Jim Lawrence thrusts James Bond well and truly in to New York, with 007 using local slang and colloquialisms that fans of Ian Fleming's creation may have a hard time swallowing. Out of character dialog aside, the plot runs at a fast pace with Bond introduced to the story in an innovative way - with shades of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", Bond rides a girder hung by a crane in to a high-rise office window.

Lawrence's characterization of Bond is a brutal as ever: punching a girl out cold to save her from her fear of heights, finishing the villain off in cold blood, and gunning down goon after goon with a Tommy gun. As is a common trait in Lawrence's stories, the central plot device (Nopane) fades in to the background towards the end of the adventure.

Artist Yaroslav Horak slips in and out of form in this adventure. The opening sequences and fight scenes are up to his usual high standard, with interesting perspectives and well cropped cells, but some of the talking heads and dialog scenes sometimes appear lazy and bland with occasional recycling of artwork between panels. The depiction of Voyle brings nothing new, although Horak does restrain himself from the usual high levels of nudity. Horak successfully portrays the Mafia capo and his goons, with hard lines and convincing costumes. Despite being set in New York, there is very little to see of the location with the exception of the helicopter scenes around the Statue of Liberty.

Above: Bond takes some goons on a sight-seeing tour in order to get them to talk

Best Line
Bond: "Never say die, Voyle dear! "

No other members of MI6 such as M, Moneypenny or Tanner are present in the story. Bond alludes to a tattoo he has when he tells Voyle he shares a Royal Navy connection with Turpin. Q-Branch supplies Bond with a laser wrist watch, "Harlem Hotshot" zip-gun shoes, and "image intensifier" binoculars. The title "Die With My Boots On" alludes to soldiers who die on active duty, but has no direct connection with the story, and does not feature in dialogue.

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Publisher: Titan Books
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Titles Included: "Trouble Spot", "Isle of Condors", " The League of Vampires", "Die With My Boots On"

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