From A View To A Kill

Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 25th June 1961 to
9th September 1961
Serial: #922 to #987
Artist: John McLusky
Writer: Ian Fleming, Henry Gammidge

Data Stream
Villains: Russian spies reporting to GRU
Bond Girls: Mary Ann Russell (Number 765)
Allies: Wing Commander Rattray, Colonel A. Schreiber
Locations: St Germain, France; Paris, France;

Above: James Bond tries to save face for the British Secret Service as SHAPE pour scorn on their security.

Capsule Synopsis
A motorcycle dispatch rider on course to the British Secret Service HQ in Fourqueux, France, is shot and killed and his documents containing Joint Intelligence stolen. Bond goes to investigate, and near the crash site he discovers and underground base of Russian agents. Dressing up as a dispatch rider, he shoots his Russian trailer and takes his place. As he exposes the whole operation, his life is saved by Mary Ann who turns up at the end with men from the St. Germain station.

Above: The opening panel of "From A View To A Kill"

Above: The motorcycle action sequences are the highlight of the strip.

Source To Strip
McLusky and Gammidge continue their down-to-earth style of James Bond adventures when tackling their second Ian Fleming short story - "From A View To A Kill" (the "For Your Eyes Only" short story collection was not translated to strip form in chronological order).

As with "Risico", Fleming's short stories provide the perfect format for a short strip adventure, allowing Gammidge to convey a lot of Fleming's original prose without getting too bogged down. Due to the old fashioned espionage aspect of the story, a lot of the plot is told by Bond thinking to himself.

John McLusky provides excellent artwork for both the dialogue and action scenes, continuing from his consistency of "Risico". Unfortunately, a lot of the complex detail used in the forest scenes has been lost in transfers over the years.

Best Line
Mary Ann: "Taking these spies on all by yourself! It's showing off..."
Bond: "Listen, they're killers. A British despatch rider's been shot in cold blood. They're getting top intelligence gen. SHAPE security can't cope and they're after M's blood - blaming him!"

In panel #963, SHAPE is stated as being an acronym for "Supreme Headquarters Allied Forces Europe" - SHAFE?

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