Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 3rd October 1960 to
1st April 1961
Serial: #698 to #849
Artist: John McLusky
Writer: Ian Fleming, Henry Gammidge

Data Stream
Villains: Auric Goldfinger, Oddjob, Mr Jed Midnight, Mr Billy Ring, Mr Helmut Springer, Mr Solo, Mr Jack Strap.
Bond Girls: Pussy Galore, Tilly Soames (Masterson), Jill Masterson
Allies: Felix Leiter, Colonel Smithers, Mr Du Pont, Alfred, Hawker, M
Locations: Miami, USA; New York, USA; London, England; Reculver, England; Le Touquet, France; Geneva, Switzerland; Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA

Above: James Bond follows Goldfinger in his Aston Martin DB III, and encounters Tilly Masterson along the way.

Capsule Synopsis
Modern-day King Midas, Auric Goldfinger, plans on ruining the economies of the Free World and using his own vast hoard of gold to control the planet. Bond must use all his rugged charms and brutal skills to stop Goldfinger before he brings western civilisation to its knees!

Above: The opening panel of "Goldfinger" (syndicated version)

Above: Staying true to Fleming's novel, Oddjob gets blown out of the plane in the climax of the story.

Source To Strip
Henry Gammidge's adaptation of Ian Fleming's novel is by in large faithful to the original material, with only a couple of small alterations. The most notable change is the omission of Jill Masterson's death from the strip. After fleeing to New York with Bond, Jill dies of skin asphyxiation in the original story after Goldfinger catches up with her. In the strip version, Bond only learns from Tilly that she was "killed" by Goldfinger.

Unlike the 1964 film which addressed a lot of the weaker plot points (irradiating Fort Knox rather than robbing it), the strip stays faithful to the novel.

Goldfinger was the longest serialisation to date, and Gammidge used this slower pace to flesh out a lot of scenes which would otherwise have been skipped over or abridged in earlier adventures. McLusky's art shows further refinement over his earlier work, and Goldfinger includes some exciting perspectives and action sequences which are far more gripping than those in previous strips.

Best Line
Goldfinger: "In Chicago, Mr Bond, they have a saying: once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, the third time is enemy action. Miami, Sandwich and now Geneva..."

Alternative Versions
The British version of "Goldfinger" was censored to remove Oddjob's knife in strip #829, whereas some syndicated versions keep it in place.

Above: Censored English version

Above: Original artwork (German language)

Some versions of the story then feature a different strip #830 to change the pace of the fight. In one version, Bond does not get beaten by Oddjob (the knife is present again) and simply realises that Leiter is on his way via the use of thought bubbles. In an alternative version, Bond is knocked to the ground by Oddjob's "death stroke" and only survives because Oddjob has to board the departing train.

Above: English language version of strip #830

Above: German language version of strip #830

The original British newspaper run saw a slightly extended opening sequence over the syndicated version. The Daily Express version used an extra two strips (#698 & #699) for James Bond to say goodbye to Honeychile Rider in Miami airport as her flight to Jamaica departs, and Bond's flight to New York being delayed until the following morning. To allow the syndicated version of the strips to be published out of order (without reference to the previous strip adventure "Dr. No"), the syndicated strip jumps straight in at #700 with Bond meeting Du Pont.

"Goldfinger" was the first adventure to feature "a" strips. When a Bank Holiday in England prevented publication of a strip in the Daily Express, an extra strip was used in Scottish newspapers which ran on the Monday. These were noted by the suffix "a" and were often recaps of the story so far. Goldfinger features two "a" strips: #773a where Bond tells Tilly to act like his girlfriend upon being caught, and #819a where the story is recapped as Bond gives instructions to Tilly.

Mr Du Pont previously featured in "Casino Royale", as he observed the Baccarat game in which James Bond defeated Le Chiffre.

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