MI6 looks back at the Dark Horses comic mini series "James Bond 007: Light Of My Death" #3, released in 1993...

"James Bond 007: Light Of My Death #3" Review
24th September 2005

Above: Front cover


The Story
Part three opens in Cairo, Thursday 7th September, with a discussion by diplomats about lost funds. Travelling to Hong Kong, Bond meets with a contact who pass information along to him. We follow a diplomat to a meeting with Amos, while Bond spies on the meeting. We learn what is to come in the final issue, as a guard discovers Bond. 007 flees making his escape with the aid of Paul in a modified boat.

MI6 Briefing
Title: James Bond – Light of my Death
Publisher: Acme Comics LTD, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications LTD
Released: Issue #10 - Part 3 - 1993
Writer: Das Petrou
Artist: John Watkiss
Letters: Woodrow Phoenix
Colorist: Trevor Goring
Cover Artist: John Watkiss

Best Line
"The things I do for my country"

A darker tone is set compared to previous isues, and again the art is quick and backgrounds are extremely plain. Bond changes appearance slightly in the face. Bond features on the cover of this issue, and looks a lot more muscular than in the main strip. Also, sharks can be seen on the cover although there are none in the story.

Rich dialogue is used to help establishing the characters motives of the comic. Not as sharp as the earlier issues, the scripting does not feel as well balanced.

Data Stream (Part #3)
Villain: Amos
Plot: Bond learns more of Amos's plans and escapes with his life whilst at sea.
Bond Girls: N/A
Allies: Paul Goulart
Locations: Cairo, Hong Kong

Right: Cell from part 3 of Light of my Death


MI6 Rating

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