James Bond 007 - Light Of My Death

Publisher: Acme Comics LTD, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications LTD
Released: Issue #1 - March 1st 1993 (Dark Horse Comics #8)
Issue #2 - April 1st 1993 (Dark Horse Comics #9)
Issue #3 - May 1st 1993 (Dark Horse Comics #10)
Issue #4 - June 1st 1993 (Dark Horse Comics #11)
Artist: John Watkiss
Writer: Das Petrou
Cover Artists: Paul Gulacy, Egon Selby
Colorist: Trevor Goring
Letters: Woodrow Phoenix
Assist Writing and Inking: Wade Grawbadger

Data Stream
Villains: Mr Amos, Unnamed sniper
Bond Girls: Tatiana Romanova
Allies: Commander Ratray, Paul Goulart, Moneypenny, M, Major Boothroyd
Locations: French Alps; London, UK, Lyon, France; Chamonix, France; Cairo, Egypt; Hong Kong
Above: James Bond featured on the cover of Dark Horse Comics # 10, part 3 of "Light Of My Death".

Capsule Synopsis
Issue #1: Bond learns of a mysterious incident in the French Alps
Issue #2: Bond heads out to investigate the death of Rogers. He encounters enemies and a long lost friend.
Issue #3: Bond learns more of Amos's plans and escapes with his life whilst at sea.
Issue #4: Bond puts into action his scheme with the help of Q and dispatches the sniper using the laser rifle.

Above: Cover art for of Dark Horse Comics issues #8, #9 and #11 (featuring "Light Of My Death" parts 1, 2 and 4 respectively).

Best Line
Bond: "If I may say, I gave him a head start"

"Light Of My Death" is the only James Bond comic book based in a period setting. The year is specified as 1961, and explains the involvement of Tatiana Romanova

The villain of the piece, Mr Amos, is the owner of a suspiciously similar white cat, which he places on his lap (Blofeld could not be used for legal reasons).


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Images courtesy Dark Horse Comics.