James Bond 007 - Minute of Midnight

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics, Inc. / Acme Comics Ltd.
Released: September 1994
Serial: #25
Artist: Raymond P Murtaugh, Russ Heath
Writer: Doug Moench

Data Stream
Villains: Lexis, Robert Nagell, Nigel Redditch, Mr Sykes
Bond Girls: Miss Shadow Breight
Allies: Bill Tanner
Locations: Washington D.C, High Above the Atlantic Ocean, London, Lakenheath Airfield

Capsule Synopsis
James Bond learns of a plan to sabotage nuclear power plants around the world, he must get the information personal to London for special branch to review. Before he has had the chance to deliver the information Bond is ordered to strike first and kill the villain behind the sinister plot.

Minute of Midnight Review


Above: Bond in free-fall as he chases Mr Redditch.

Source To Strip
This reduced story seams to borrow from already established James Bond movies, mostly from "Moonraker" (1979) and "License to Kill" (1989).

The most original installment of this three-part adventure is "Operation Miasma", where Bond is disguised as a street bum. The second part of the comic, "Freefall", appears to be very closely modeled on the "Moonraker" mid-air fight between Bond and Jaws over the single parachute.

The final third part, "Business at Hand", sends Bond out to carry out cold blooded murder and is reminiscent of Ian Fleming's short story "For Your Eyes Only".

Other lifts include the method of hijacking a plane from "Thunderball" (1965), and the terrorist threat to nuclear power stations across the globe from John Gardner's continuation novel "Licence Renewed" (1981).

This flip cover comic contains two separate stories, both ending in the centre of the issue. This was the last James Bond comic issued by Dark Horse Comics, with Topps Comics taking over the Bond license (who only published Goldeneye Part 1 adaptation). It is clear that Moench's story was originally conceived to be another Dark Horse mini-series. Due to the impending loss of 007 rights, the comic was hastily repackaged three-part story, published in a single issue before the James Bond licence expired. The result is a butchered and much reduced story, with no conclusion or cohesive plot.

Bond somehow manages to take off his shirt whilst handcuffed to his briefcase before making love to Shadow Breight.


Best Line
Shadow Breight : "Kinky with your drinks too!"

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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics, Inc. / Acme Comics Ltd.
Released: September 1994
Titles Included: "Minute of Midnight" & "Aliens Vs. Predator: Blood Time"

"Minute of Midnight" by Dark Horse Comics

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