James Bond 007 - Permission To Die

Publisher: Eclipse Comics & Acme Press
Released: Issue #1 - 1989, Issue #2 1989, Issue #3 - 1991
Artist: Mike Grell
Writer: Mike Grell
Art Assistant: Dameon Willich, Mike Jones, Rick Hobery
Colorist: Julia Lacquement
Letters: Waybe Truman
Editor: Catherine Yronwode, Richard Hansom

Data Stream
Villains: Doctor Erik Wiziadio, "The Wolf", Sulu
Bond Girls: Luludi Bey, Edaine Gayla, Sulu
Allies: Vavra, M, Major Boothroyd, Felix Leiter, Mary Chase
Locations: London, Budapest, Austrian Border, Idao, Lake Oreille
Gadgets: Aston Martin DB5, two-seater version of Little Nellie, re-breather.
Above: Cover art for Trade Paper Back Permission To Die

Official Synopsis
Doctor Erik Wiziadlo offers England his revolutionary satellite launching technology. The price he asks is merely the retrieval of the beloved niece he left behind the Iron Curtain when he defected to the U.S. following the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. British authorities call in 007 to facilitate the exchange, but Bond's simple escort mission turns deadly when he discovers the woman is being held by authorities. Then, events take an even more sinister turn as Wiziadlo's true motivations for requesting his niece to join him are revealed. From knife fights to helicopter duels, this is James Bond at his best.

Capsule Synopsis
Bond has to attack a convoy and rescue the niece of a reclusive scientist in order to win exclusive technology for the UK. Bond arrives in Idaho with Edaine to investigate Wiziadio's underground lair. 007 must prevent the Doctor from exploding his new rocket technology in British Columbia, Canada - which he hopes will cause global nuclear disarmament.

Above: Reverse cover art for of Permission To Die issues #1, #2, & #3

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Permission To Die #2 Review
Permission To Die #3 Review

Best Line
"I've often wondered what a Scot wears under his kilt…"

Artist and writer Mike Grell also oversaw the production of the "Licence To Kill" graphic novel in 1989.

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