James Bond 007 - Shattered Helix

Publisher: Mr Barclay, Bullock, Cerberus
Released: Issue #1 - June 1994
Issue #2 - July 1994
Writer: Simon Jowett
Pencils & Inks: David Jackson
Layouts & Colour: David Lloyd
Letters: Elitta Fell
Editor: Dick Hansom
Book Design: Fuentes

Data Stream
Villains: Mr Barclay, Bullock, Cerberus
Bond Girls: Miss Serena Mountjoy
Allies: M, Robert Julien, Professor Philip Boyce
Locations: Bio-sphere housing a tropical environment, Arizona, USA; London, UK; McMurdo Base, Antarctic; Secret CIA Laboratory, Antarctic

Right: Cover art for Shattered Helix issue #1


Official Synopsis
Issue #1 - Bond once again faces the supersecret criminal organization Cerberus. This time, Cerberus has its heart set on acquiring the most dangerous disease known to man, a genetically engineered nightmare buried in a secret base in the Antarctic. Bond joins forces with scientist Serena Mountjoy to in a deadly race to the South Pole. Unforgettable action, beautiful women, and bizarre, diabolical villains -- this is Bond at his best!

Issue #2 - Cerberus has penetrated the secret laboratory in the heart of the Antarctic. Its goal -- the deadliest disease known to man, perfect for its goals of global blackmail and mayhem! James Bond is hot on its heels, aided by beautiful biologist Serena Mountjoy. But to stop Cerberus in this caper, he must make his way through Bullock, a murderous monster of a man with bulletproof body armor surgically grafted into his skin!

Shattered Helix #1 "The Greenhouse Effect" - Review
Shattered Helix #2 "A Cold Day In Hell" - Review

Above: Cover art for Shattered Helix issue #2

Comic Continuity
The third James Bond mini series issued by Dark Horse sees continued care and quality for Bond in this age old format. A very different Bond is seen in this story arc compared to the earlier "A Silent Armageddon."

M makes a welcome return to discuss the plot happenings with an injured Commander Bond, and 007 makes a brief reference to his friend Terri Li from "A Silent Armageddon". Serena's father was Ian Mountjoy, a old friend of Bond's before he died during an Antarctic expedition. Barclay's henchman - Bullock - has metal armour plating embedded under his skin

Simon Jowett continues to develop his evil syndicate, Cerberus, after the cancellation of the final two parts of his story "A Silent Armageddon". This two part story picks up after their defeat and pits a new Bond against another group of Cerberus. This issue marks the end for Cerberus within the Dark Horse world of 007.

Best Line
Bullock: "Brains on top 'a beauty. Who'd'a thought I had both?"

MI6 Rating

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