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James Bond 007: Serpent's Tooth #1 Review
7th January 2005

The Story
Opening with a three-step retrospective, "Serpent's Tooth" starts by looking at kidnappings of unconnected scientists, destruction of a British Arctic outpost and the theft of six nuclear missiles from a submarine - all by mysterious force. We meet Bond in Switzerland with a beautiful woman, who quickly turns the tables on an unsuspecting Bond. Wrestling her to unconsciousness on the snow, Bond leaves for London and to be reassigned by M.

The reminder of the story in issue #1 takes place in Peru, while Bond tries to locate a missing 009 and look into the case of the missing British submarine from five years earlier. Met by a beautiful contact agent 'Sunny' they are both persuaded in a high speed escape through Lima.


After eluding there pursuers Sunny takes Bond to meet his main contact 'Cruzado' at his personal commando training camp. A discussion about 009's case leads Bond to meet the villain Indigo at a local casino. After a few hands at the tables, using his cover story, Bond manages to arrange a meeting with genetically altered Indigo. Following an evening of passion with Sunny, Bond heads to his meeting with Indigo the following morning.

Upon arrival, Bond is greeted by two 'Matrix: Reloaded' looking twins dressed in white. After a security check, and witnessing the kidnapped scientist, Bond is subjected to a intensive brain washing which fails to take effect.

Left: Cell from Serpent's Tooth #1.


Escaping the complex via the company vault courtesy of Q Branch, Bond discovers the scope and further mystery of Indigo's plans. Exiting the building Bond is met by 'Sunny' who speeds them both away to safety.

Up until the closing cells, this comic works fantastically with it's original Bond cliches and humour. At the climax of issue #1 we see a crazed Indigo move up his timetable for 'New Eden' and a look at one of his genetically created beasts.

Cover Design
This movie poster style cover mixes all the elements of a Bond experience. Gulacy's interpretation of Bond is the focal character in a classic arm folded pose with a nondescript handgun. Surrounding Bond are girls sporting a variety of deadly weaponry, and below, the main villain through the mini-series Indigo.

Lower left and right corners sport stylised action sequences from the first issue. On the right a Thunderball-esque underwater sequence is depicted. The right shows two henchmen and Bond's escaping sports car.

Above: Cell from Serpent's Tooth #1

Paul Gulacy has created a very strong and unique series of comics. Issue one sets a very high precedence with strong well defined imagery. Even the smallest objects are easily recognisable and add a layer of realism to Bond's world. A double spread is used in a movie style opening credits with girls and Bond, and it works magnificently. Oliff has given Gulacy's lines even more life, with a rich atmospheric palette.

The escape from Indigo's company headquarters carries well with great visual pace. Indigo and his twin henchmen are believably illustrated with a nightmarish persona, which helps create a unique villainous quality. The last full page spread is very cartoon-ish a lowers the believability of the comic.

Dialogue in comics is short and carefully constructed to fit such a small canvas, and effectively tell a story. The dialogue here keeps the story moving and has been well crafted. Fell and Jowert have kept it tight and sharply delivered by the characters.

Best Line
"Another? Don't tell me you failed to conquer your peaks in Switz..."

MI6 Briefing
Title: Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 Serpent's Tooth
Publisher: Acme Comics LTD, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications LTD
Released: Issue #1 - July 1992
Writer: Doug Moench
Illustrator: Paul Gulacy
Cover Artist: Egon Selby and Paul Gulacy
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Jerry Prosser

Data Stream (Issue #1)
Villain: Martika Pavna, Indigo
Plot: Bond is sent to investigate a missing 00 agent and discovers more then he has bargained for, when he comes up against a genetically modified villain.
Bond Girls: Sunny Vasquez
Allies: M, Miss Moneypenny, Senor Cruzado
Locations: London; Lima Peru; The Arctic; Switzerland

Above: Front cover of issue #1

MI6 Rating

Images courtesy Dark Horse Comics.

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