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James Bond 007: Serpent's Tooth #3 Review
9th February 2005

The Story:
"Part III: Mass Extinction" begins moments after the close of issue two, when security guards alert Indigo to the electric fence being set off by an unknown intruder. One of the ghostly twins - Kane - is dispatched to locate Bond.

Bond lays in wait for Kane, and after ambushing him, 007 gains entry to the secure complex. Once inside he finds Laya, who was at the casino with Indigo in issue one, she agrees to help him find the computer centre. After entering the centre, Indigo appears before Bond can cause any damage, and he murders Laya in cold blood for betraying him. He begins to explains his plan for "New Eden" to Bond before sending him away to die.

In a bloody fistfight Bond escapes his captors with the help of Sunny. Meanwhile, Cruzado and his commando's begin to attack Indigo surface support ships, and the forces board each other's vessels in a full on battle.


Above: Back cover

Sunny and Bond head deeper into the undersea vehicle looking for Indigo to abort the countdown, which will set off the nuclear weapons creating his "New Eden." The face-off between Bond and Indigo is intense, beginning with the discovery by Bond that 009 has been genetically altered into an ape-like beast.

After Bond has disarmed the countdown, a surface ship sinks heading right for the undersea dome. Once punctured by the sinking ship, water begins to pore in flooding the undersea complex. In a mad dash to escape, Bond must defeat a giant octopus. After dispatching the sea creature Bond manages to save the kidnapped girls and scientists and escapes in a mini submarine to the surface - and safety.

Cover Design
The cover uses a full upper body of Bond in a classic pose with his right hand raised clenching an automatic pistol. The purple and violet image shows a determined Bond, with most of his face hidden by shadow. The Bond on show here is in great physical shape. The dark, moody, image creates a menacing flavour for this final showdown.

Above: Cell from Serpent's Tooth #3.

With such a grand canvas to illustrate on, Gulacy and Oliff manage to pull it off will aplomb. The full out action extravaganza has yet again been carefully crafted, with clean lines and solid colouring emphasizing the detail.

With a large potion of this conclusion taken part in watery environments, time has been taken to fully create a believable populated undersea world.

The pace of issue three is increased by the swift dialogue, the quality of dialogue and storyline in this three issue mini-series is wonderful, even more clinches and smart one liners are present. However nothing slows the overall pace of this final issue.

Best Line
"After all he is a dinosaur, Kane …"

MI6 Briefing
Title: Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 Serpent's Tooth
Publisher: Acme Comics LTD, Dark Horse Comics Inc, Glidrose Publications LTD
Released: Issue #3 February 1993
Writer: Doug Moench
Illustrator: Paul Gulacy
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Cover Artist: Paul Gulacy
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Jerry Prosser

Data Stream (Issue #3)
Villain: Indigo
Plot: Bond is sent to find out about a missing 00 agent and discovers more then he has bargained for, when he comes up against a genetically modified villain
Bond Girls: Sunny Vasquez
Allies: M, Miss Moneypenny, Senor Cruzado, Major Boothroyd
Locations: Lima, Peru; Pacific Ocean floor



Above: Front cover

MI6 Rating

Images courtesy Dark Horse Comics.

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